13 Luxury Essentials For Your Carry On

Luxury essentials for your carry on

We have curated 13 luxury essentials you should always take in your carry on.

Whether it’s packing for a business trip or that long awaited holiday, packing the right type of essentials in a carry-on will help make any long distance travel more comfortable.

And with this curated list, these luxury essentials will add a little life, light and luxury to your next flight.

Check out these 13 luxury essentials to pack in your carry on.

YSL Rive Gauche Tote In Canvas RRP $2,750

This elegant yet simple canvas tote will travel well and is light, so your shoulders won’t cave during walks through long airport stop overs. The black colour is ideal too as it wont stain easily and will go the distance.

The depth means you can fit all of your essentials including a jacket or scarf if you are jetting in or out of cold weather.

 Louis Vuitton Mink Fur & Silk Sleep Mask RRP $1,460

Sleep is essential when flying, especially on long haul flights. Many eye masks and neck pillows are made from fabrics that prevent the skin from breathing whilst resting, and can cause, tangled hair, congested and blemish skin or even skin irritations.

Louis Vuitton have also created the most luxurious and most expensive eye mask which is made from a rich blend of mink fur and silk. It’s called the Louis Vuitton Sleep Mask and is available in their signature brown, or a cute baby pink shade.

Skin Virtues Future Advanced Brightening RRP $100

Tackling pigmentation, redness, and breakouts is a daily concern for many, and Skin Virtue’s Future Advanced Brightening packs a punch in addressing these issues. Filled with ingredients aimed at keeping skin concerns at bay, this product is a must-have. Its versatility makes it a companion not only during summer getaways but also on winter escapes, especially when high-altitude exposure can exacerbate pigmentation.

Comrad Compression Socks – 2 pack with calf sleeve RRP $47

The best way to ensure your circulation is as good as it gets is with these comfortable compression socks from Comrad. The best things about this version of compression ware is they look ok – you wont look like your grandma on a bad day. These are fashionable and fun.

Gucci Beauty Case RRP $1,275

This gorgeously simple Gucci beauty bag with interlocking G’s is the perfect size for your in-flight beauty essentials. Zips up and looks as stylish as it feels. Being Gucci, it will last for years and can double as a hand bag for a casual dinner once you reach your destination. Pure Luxe.

Kindle Paper-White RRP $269

Remember to load up with a few excellent reads before the travel day(s) begin. Kindle has an adjustable light function so it’s possible to read without a glaring light overhead.

With a sleek design it is easily slipped in and out of a carry on, making it an easy essential to keep alongside so you can use that downtime to catch up on your favourite reads, and pass the time by learning something new.

Skin Virtues Pure Nourish Cleanse RRP $60

For those long flights and on-the-go moments, a gentle and effective cleanser is essential. Skin Virtue’s Pure Nourish Cleanse, formulated as a rinse-free cream, ensures you can cleanse your face without the need for a bathroom visit. This product not only removes impurities but also reinforces your skin’s natural barrier, leaving you hydrated and refreshed even after hours of travel.

Slip Black Frequent Flyer Travel Set RRP $170

Luxury Silk Travel Pack

The ultimate beauty essential for your carry on, to help you get the best rest whilst on long-haul flights, Silk have designed the perfect travel essential kit which includes a silk fabric eye mask, silk face covering and silk neck support/pillow. All designed to help you stay comfortable whilst resting in-flight. Silk is known for it’s healing qualities for the hair and skin, help[ing to prevent skin sweating, breakouts and prevents hair from tangling as well.

Peak Design Tech Pouch RRP $122.68

Finally a zip up bag to hold all of your key chords, adaptors and chargers during the flight. This bag is climate neutral certified, so sustainable.

There is nothing worse than scrambling around in your large carry on bag for chords and chargers to be full of dust – this whiz of a bag solves all that. Simple and affordable.

Skin Virtues Future Advanced Serumist RRP $116

The ultimate travel essential, Skin Virtue’s Future Advanced Serumist is a game-changer. This potent serum is delivered as a mist, offering a range of benefits including moisturising, hydrating, antioxidant protection, and soothing properties. Its convenience factor is unmatched – simply.

Sony WJ-100XM4 Headphones RRP $439

These noise cancelling headphones ensure absolute silence during a flight, as they block out noise. They are also pressurised for easy and comfortable listening on flights. One clever defining point is they have a microphone to help pipe in outside noise, you simply hold your hand over your right ear, so you don’t even have to take them off – genius.

Loop Experience Plus Ear Plugs RRP $64.95

Most people don’t realise when you travel on a plane, the sound of the engine can damage the ear drum, along with the sound of the air conditioner, and f you like to watch your favourite television show or movie on the in-flight entertainment, then the constant sounds from the earphones playing in your ears can contribute to hearing damage.

These fashionable ear plugs, have proven to reduce the noise of up to 18db of filtered noise reduction. They are designed to stay out comfortably in the ear, have changeable parts and can be cleaned as well. With the added Loop Mute accessory, these ear plugs reduce an extra 5db of noise reduction.

They are certified for hearing protection and you can also place ear phone over the top if you still want to listen to music, watch a movie, but reduce all the excess background noise that can damage ears.

Aesop Resurrection rinse free, fragranced Hand sanitiser RRP $11.00

Keeping germs away is that much better with a sleek and luxurious upgrade for your very own go-to hand sanitiser. Aesop keeps hands clean, with a fresh, Australian scent, whilst fighting off bacteria on your hands.

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