The world’s coolest airports for stop overs


From rooftop pools, to yoga classes and waterfalls, long-haul flights are no longer dull, thanks to these uber cool airports.

We all have a love, hate relationship with airports. From rooftop pools overlooking cities to yoga classes, these airports are worth planning your trip around.

Changi Airport, Singapore

moshe safdie's jewel changi airport nears completion in singapore
Changi Airport, Singapore

One of the most breathtaking airports in the world (according to Vogue), winning worlds best airport 10 times (more awards here), takes a step away from airport and turns to an indoor luxury amusement park.

There are several cinemas that operate 24 hours a day, playing the biggest blockbusters for free for travellers.

The gardens flow with colourful flowers and there is even a butterfly garden, koi pond, rooftop pool and 12 metre-slide. If your up for a drink, located in the Cactus Garden at Terminal 1, Hops Bar is just the right place to relax and have a wine while waiting for your flight. 

There is also a brand new shopping centre that just opened across the road.

Changi has three transit hotels, with rooms that allow rental for 6- hour increments for the shorter stop overs including the Aerotel Airport Transit Hotel Terminal 1.

Changi airport provides dedicated sleep and relaxation lounges throughout.

Hong Kong International Airport

Hong Kong International Airport HKG Jenny Tsang of Tsangtastic in Hong Kong must see instagram spots must visit attractions
Hong Kong International airport

Once again, an airport with a cinema, but not just any cinema it is an IMAX theatre.

Passengers can sit quietly and watch a film, or for the more extreme, there is an aviation centre where you can learn how planes get from their origin to their destination.

The food options offer an array of traditional Cantonese cuisine and western food, giving the quick layover guests a taste of Hong Kong in the comfort of the airport.

If your up for a authentic handmade pasta and alcoholic beverage The Ritz tapas bar is the place to be, located at Terminal 2 departures level 6.

Helsinki Airport

Helsinki Airport. Vantaa, Finland.
Yoga class Helsinki airport, Finland

Need to have a quick exercise session between flights? The Finnish airport provides a yoga and relaxation room offering classes with one in particular claiming to relive jetlag.

A 20-minute light practice incorporates a series of beginner postures, designed to unwind your body, relax your mind and even assist with jetlag!  Additionally for those who miss the class hours, the room itself is open 24 hours a day for independent practice.

Probably the only airport in the world that thinks of the exercise component of travel, rather than being cooped up and strained for hours on end, you can stretch and exercise.

Qantas also offers a yoga class before the 17 hour direct flight from Perth to London.

Qantas in the dream liner lounge in Perth, focuses on health and wellbeing from stretching classes to “light therapy” in the showers to adjust your body clock, and an outdoor terrace and a BBQ serving local sausages for the pre long-haul flight.

John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York

JetBlue's outdoor rooftop lounge, with dog walk, at NYC's JFK Airport // #JFK #DogTravel
J.F.K outdoor rooftop dog lounge, New York

An airport that allows animals to roam free until they are ready to board? JFK also allow animals on the plane in the same area as passengers when flying in the US as long as they are caged and at the feet of the owner.

Terminal 5 features a ‘wooftop’ – a grass filled terrace where owners and their pooches can hang before boarding.

New York is renowned for their luxury bars and lifestyle, so it is only acceptable for the airport to be filled with exactly that. In terminal 1 offers the best bar in the airport for cocktails the Martini Bar. I

If you’re looking for a more relaxed bar in the J.F.K airport, stay in Terminal 1 and head to the Idlewild Wine Bar it has American wines by the glass and bottle; making it easy for a quick glass before the long haul flight.

Munich International Airport

Image result for munich wave pool airport
Munich Airport wave pool

A rooftop space which provides a beer garden to enjoy the German sun and air during A layover.

Now a new attraction has opened, a giant wave pool installed for free surfing while passengers wait for a flight, literally a surfers paradise.

Munich international airport has won awards for the best European airport numerous times, so stop here to enjoy either the beer garden, that offers seating for 600 guests with traditional German cuisine and music, or the wave pool OR both.

Queenstown Airport

Queenstown airport (Photo by Katelyn Greer on Unsplash)

The award for the best views from an airport has to go to Queenstown airport in New Zealand. Located in a cove off Lake Wakatipu, with views of the Remarkables mountain range on one side and Coronet Peak on the other.

Year round, flying into Queenstown provides the most remarkable scenes, from snow filled mountains to skies of blue, with green filled mountain ranges.

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