The Sandboxes in Thailand Explained

Thailand have a “sandbox” program to get into the country, this is how it works.

Renae is there, and this is the latest information on how and why you should consider a trip to Thailand. It is easier than you think.

Thinking of travelling? It’s not nearly as challenging as you might think. 
I’m here in Phuket, Thailand with lots of helpful travel information I wish I had before I got here, including; 

  • What are the top 3 easiest global beach locations to access right now? 
  • What is happening in Thailand? What is the vibe?
  • Are people travelling? 
  • The Phuket, Thailand sandbox explained 
  • The Russian presence in Asia and what it means (Caviar, Champagne and Cigars on tap)
  • Are the hotels and Restaurants open in Thailand?

Watch this insightful video for all of the insider info.

asian style boat on the water in Thailand
Phuket in Thailand is a glorious location for a holiday.

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