5 of Australia’s Most Spectacular Spa Treatments

Image of Komala Luxe Villa at Gaia Retreat in Byron Bay.

Self-care and a little decadence goes a long way. These 5 Australian spa treatments offer the most spectacular and luxurious treatments to restore the body.

Set in exceptional locations from idyllic rainforests to desert sand dunes, indulge in Australia’s lavish spa experiences and feel complete rejuvenation and relaxation.

The beachside escape

Gaia Retreat and Spa in Byron Bay

Gaia Retreat and Spa in Byron Bay, New South Wales

Established by singer Olivia Newton-John and Gregg Cave, Gaia Retreat and Spa is a multiple award-winning boutique lifestyle wellness retreat and day spa. The retreat is built into the healing heartland of Byron Bay Hinterland and is described by Olivia herself as “barefoot meets Armani, luxurious yet simple and unpretentious.”

The spa itself is nestled in the fragrant frangipani gardens, encompassed by the tranquil pool and features 10 treatment rooms. There are many packages and individual treatments to choose from which nurture the mind and body led by Gaia’s team of over 35 healers and therapists. They even provide custom and personalised packages to cater to different health needs.

Signature treatment – Byron Bay dream ($380)

Embracing Australia’s native plants enjoy an all-over volcanic rock and native wattle seed body polish. Complete with macadamia oil scalp massage, hydrating body masque and massage.

The spiritual desert sanctuary

Spa Kinera in Uluru-Kata Tjutu National Park

Spa Kinera in Longitude 131, Uluru-Kata Tjutu National Park

Spa Kinera is set in the red sand outback of Uluru, and is a calming physical and spiritual retreat which provides a connection to the traditional heritage of this magnificent surround. The spa is modelled on the Aboriginal shelters and provides stunning views of the striking horizon.

In 2013 award-winning luxury brand Baillie Lodges partnered with the local Indigenous community to learn from their ancient wisdom. The spa incorporates this traditional knowledge into their rituals and treatments and uses LI’TYA techniques and products. LI’TYA meaning ‘of the earth’ creates products which combines Aboriginal herbal knowledge and healing touch therapy with modern principles.

Signature treatment – The Dreaming ($520)

The dreaming is a spa ceremony using traditional healing techniques to provide a deeply therapeutic treatment for the whole body. Using the power of Australian native plants, cleansing earth ochre and purifying desert salts.

The nature immersive spa

Intercontinental Spa in Hayman Islands

Intercontinental Spa in Hayman Islands, Queensland

The Award-winning Intercontinental Spa in the iconic Hayman Islands takes Australian luxury to another level, offering unique destination treatments showcasing the beauty of the island. Through their partnership with exclusively Australian owned Sodashi skincare, they focus to nourish the body on all levels.

The spa menu provides an extensive variety of immersive experiences, facial and body treatments, as well as massages. Which take place in the 11 treatment rooms and are specially designed to integrate the resort’s gorgeous surrounds using marine ingredients like green clay and kelp. Alongside the Sodashi products which are vegan, natural, and formulated to support health. After the treatments unwind even further in the Spa Oasis plunge pool and sauna. 

Signature treatment – Destination experience ($150)

The Destination experience treatment allows a choice of setting whether it is the lush palms of the resort’s Rainforest Cabana, on the soft sands of Coconut Beach.

The urban luxe spa

Aurora Spa in St Kilda

Aurora Spa in St Kilda, Melbourne

Aurora Spa is a luxury boutique spa located in the five-star Prince of Wales Hotel where many celebrities including Paris Hilton herself have been. The spa has two levels, the first level is the reception and the ASPAR boutique.

It boasts the ASPAR range of botanically active products formulated in-spa. The second level has 22 treatment rooms, and a couple’s room with Swiss shower and a steam room. Each space IS flooded with natural light, a neutral palette and touches of green bringing nature indoors. The spa offers a range of body massages, hand and feet treatments and advanced facials using their Kerstin Florian facial range and award-winning Kitya Karnu signature steam room treatment.

Signature treatment – Kitya karnu ($225)

Kitya Karnu (Salty stones) treatment room brings total body bliss from top to toe in a private steam room with A walnut and wattleseed body scrub, nourishing hair mask, facial cleanse and facial mask to boot. 

The wild luxury retreat

Waldheim Alpine Spa in Cradles Mountain Lodge

Waldheim Alpine Spa in Cradles Mountain Lodge, Tasmania

Praised as one of Australia’s best wilderness spa Waldheim Alpine spa is located in the historic Cradle Mountain Lodge at the edge of the World Heritage-listed Tasmanian rainforest. Glass doors lead to the therapeutic area known as the sanctuary where the sauna and steam room are situated. Through to the day spa there are five dry rooms and a wet room, and the treatments use natural Australian and Tasmanian-made skincare.

Throughout the experience, the serene forest of the Pencil Pine River which wraps around bring a sense of calm. When treatments are complete other areas of the sanctuary can be explored such as the cool vitality pool and outdoor hot-tub.

Signature treatment – New life face and body ritual ($285)

The top to toe ritual brings new life to the body through a full body massage to ease muscle pain and calm the nervous system. A customised facial treatment is also included to suit diverse skin types.

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