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Beauty: Make-up mistakes that make you look older

How to avoid the make-up mistakes that make you look older

  1. Wearing too much make-up:

This is the easiest way to age your face instantly, as the older our skin gets, the less make-up we actually need. Thick foundation can block pores and sit in wrinkles making them look heavier and bigger than they actually are.

An older skin needs a lighter foundation in exactly the right colour. Invest time and money at a cosmetics counter and try different products until you find the right now.

Keep make-up minimal and clean if you don’t want to look older.

Heavy eyeshadow is super ageing too, as it draws attention to imperfections, as does blush.

2. Heavy eyeliner

Eyeliner draws the eyes of the onlooker to the eye, usually a place on the face that has aged. Heavy black liner on the bottom lid is a definite no-no as it is super ageing. A coating of black mascara on the lower lashes os a far better option, just make sure it stays on, otherwise you will end up with a messy smoky eye, which won look good either.

3. Concealer can actually highlight problems

Like foundation, concealer must be the right colour AND texture with raging to ensure it is doing its job of concealing the lines or blemishes you don’t want to be seen rather than emphasising them. I recommend a lesson at a make-up counter for this too.

4. Thin brows

Thin eyebrows are very ageing. Some women struggle to grow thick brows due to years of over plucking or waxing. This is where a brow kit can com in handy. Many have a wax colour which really helps thicken the brow you do have and fills in any voids. By perfecting your technique, this is a quick and easy way to look younger, if you get it right. A visit to a great brow salon, such as Amy Jeans in Sydney is another way to get your brows looking good.

Metallic make-up can make your skin look much older

5. Metallic eyeshadow

It’s officially time to throw this baby into the bin once you turn 40.J-Lo seems to be able to pull it off, but she is the only one I know. It is very raging and looks horrible on any eyes with wrinkles or thinning skin, which is the vast majority of women over 40.

6. Dark purple or black lipstick

Most lips over 40 start to thin, so the last thing you need  is to draw attention to them. A beautiful red or pink is a far better option than a very dark colour. Dark colours also emphasise fine lines around the mouth, and no-one wants to draw attention to those.

Heavy powder ages skin very quickly and makes you look older

7. Forget powder over foundation

In the old days, old ladies would use powder to set their make-up, and this is never a good idea on older skin. It draws attention to wrinkles and can make skin look dehydrated and leathery. Leave it alone. Foundation alone is fine.

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