The 7 Best Countries for Expats

Switzerland has been named the best place for ex-pats to live.

The 7 best countries for ex-pats to live in according to a survey done every year by one of the world’s leading financial institutions.

HSBC has just released the Expat Explorer Survey, where questions were sent to 22,000 expats living in over 100 different countries all over the globe to ascertain the best countries for Expats to live in.

Healthcare, cost of living,  financial implications, as well as mental health and personal growth are all part of the detailed survey.

The best countries for exapts overall:


With an average annual salary of $203,000 this is the leading location for ex-pats right now. It is a country where money talks, but it is not the only thing Switzerland has on offer. It offers some of the safest, cleanest living with some of the world’s best ski slopes a short train ride away.

It is super clean with some of the freshest air in the world, and first class schools as well as universities.

Switzerland is the number one place for expats globally this year.


Singapore has been favourite location for ex-pats to live in for many years, with consistent wage growth, excellent job security and low crime rates.  The city-state of Singapore offers clean, safe living and excellent education for kids for ex-pats, not to mention amazing local cuisine at bargain prices, as well as affordable at-home help for just about every job imaginable.

The city-state of Singapore offers clean, safe living and excellent education

New Zealand

The spectacular natural environment makes living in New Zealand a healthy option both physically and mentally. The country offers plenty of outdoor adventures, as well as an international outlook in terms of small business.

Political and economic stability, as well as offering one of the safest environments to live in, New Zealand is a great place to start a new life, and has something for every member of any family.

New Zealand is a great place to start a new life.


Germany offers a high quality of life overall. Work-life balance and career advancement are the big ticket items when starting a new life in Germany due to the powerful economy. The super organised structure of life means getting things done and even getting around are easy and quick to adjust to. Culturally it is interesting, lively, and affordable.

Germany has an excellent social security system as well as stunning natural beauty, which balances out to create a stable, but economically thriving place to live and work for all members of the family. Living in cities or rural areas are also both good choices for ex-pat families.

Germany is popular with expats.
Germany is popular with expats.


Ex-pats who move anywhere in Spain report an increased quality of life, especially for their children.

For kids, learning and making new friends, Spain is one of the best countries to re-locate. The climate, relaxed attitude to work (which includes daily siestas) and  a focus on mental health make Spain a fabulous location for families to re-locate. A great climate, strong social culture and focus on great food and wine are also elements that appeal.

Spain is affordable with a great culture and excellent, creative food.


Young professionals are flocking here for up to 50% increase in their salary, a relaxed work environment and quick career advancement. Crime rates are very low, and the rate of residential development means accommodation is generally in modern, new, spacious apartments located within compounds full of other ex-pats.

There is a tight knit expat community, excellent education, and mild winters which make it appealing on multiple levels.

Young professionals are flocking to Qatar for up to 50% increase in their salary, a relaxed work environment and quick career advancement


Just less than 5% of the population in The Netherlands are ex-pats. People move here for the liberal minded, democratic, egalitarian  approach to life, with a soft drugs policy, gay marriage, red light districts and a strong focus on work-life balance.

Rental costs are generally reasonable and much less than any major world cities, but the incomes are also lower to match.

The Netherlands has pretty cities as well as plenty of green suburban areas to live in.

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