Pur’ Paris Restaurant Review: An exquisite degustation in Paris at the hands of Jean Francois-Rouquette.

Pur' Paris restaurant review

Pur’ Paris offers an incredible experience at the hands of one of the world’s greatest chefs, Jean-Francois-Rouquette.

For one of the best French meals of your life (in Paris) you must eat the degustation at Pur’ Paris.

My start to my dinner at this stunning Michelin starred French fine dining Restaurant located in the Park Hyatt Vendome Paris, was a drink in the open air bar with an opera singer singing live about 5 metres from my table. Her voice was as beautiful as the 9 courses of food I enjoyed an hour later in one of the world’s great restaurants, Pur’.

Chef Jean Francois Rouquette at Pur’, Paris

This restaurant is all about understated elegance. Chef Jean Francois Rouquette was in the open kitchen the night we ate at Pur’, and we felt super priviliged to be at the mercy of his world renowned cooking. Rouqette is all about local producers, and serves the finest quality ingredients in a simple, unique, but very French style. Every mouthful is a thrill.

The restaurant’s philosophy is “theatre of fine taste” and the amuse bouche sums up the entire meal and this phrase – it was served on 3 different plates, and included tiny bursts of flavour and texture which were presented as unique art pieces, with different serving plates and designs,  which set a startling tone of wonder and surprise to the evening.

Only Michelin star chefs with decades of experience can produce such delicate and intimate combinations of taste. Roquette understands the importance not only of flavours, presentation and the combination of the right flavours but also of texture.

The menu in this Paris delight is wide and varied, but with such an extra ordinary chef, indulging in the degustation and letting him take control is a must as far as I am concerned.

Pur’ Paris Restaurant.

The setting is unique too, as the restaurant is designed in a Rotunda, with rich mahogony walls and ink sketches. There is a six metre wine wall, the restaurant’s cellar, but we chose the degustation with matching wines to hand over complete control. You can also  choose to sit closer to the open kitchen and watch the colourful action in the kitchen – and there is plenty of it.

We handed over our night and our palettes to Rouquette, and he designed a degustation menu for us which blew us away.

Over about 3 hours, we enjoyed many different dishes and flavours, from langoustine carpaccio, to Challan’s duck with eggplant,  and harissa of piquillos and raspberries, just to mention a few.

His is a menu that changes regularly, as the availability of produce changes, so I hesitate to review each dish step by step for fear of disappointing you when you cannot find them on the menu.

The matching wines were amazing, and varied in their regions, but perfectly matched to the flavours of each dish, and the pours were not too big, so we didn’t feel over-indulged.

The Cocoa dessert, was astonishing. And every dish combined with astonishingly beautiful flavours. I had to end the meal with champagne, just as it started.

Don’t miss this is culinary indulgences are your thing. In Paris, you wont find better. Book here.

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