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Our Favourite High Coverage Foundations This Season

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BB Creams and translucent foundations might cover it for some, but for many women high coverage foundation is non-negotiable.

High coverage foundations are a controversial subject and they’re the most difficult for beauty brands to get right. It’s about finding that sweet spot of effortlessly airbrushed skin.

Often texture and finish are sacrificed for a thick product that will cover blemishes, dark circles or breakouts. What s is left with can be cakey and muddy and stifle our natural glow.

It’s important to strike the perfect balance between a high coverage yet natural looking finish. Even more importantly, it’s crucial to prime your skin when applying such a heavy product.

Primer creates an extra layer between your skin and makeup. Priming products are predominantly used to help makeup last longer, smooth the skin’s surface, and even out the skin tone.

The market is flooded with a myriad of products and it can be overwhelming to try and pick a product off the shelf that matches your skin tone, skin type and achieves the right coverage.

We’ve done the hard work for you and road-tested the best products in the business, starting with the best serums to reduce pores, to the best primers and then the best foundations which give you the best coverage for long wearing.

Of course before applying any foundation, primer is essential and important to get right. It’s crucial to prep and set your skin so that you get the desired finish out of your foundation.

Enbacci Tea Tree Oil Pore Refining Skin Smoothing Pore Minimiser Serum RRP $30

Designed to reduce the size of pores, keeping them clear and clean and protected from collecting too much gunk in the pores, this serum is anti-inflammatory, and can also be used as a primer b before foundation. Your skin will feel silky soft afterwards and it only took around three days of use to see a major reduction in the size of my pores. My skin also felt very soft and foundation went on smoothly afterwards.

 Bottle of primer with gold embellishments and transparent structure

Silk Oil of Morocco Argan Antioxidant Primer RRP $29.90

The bottle of this primer, with gold embellishments and transparent structure, is enough to leave you feeling like a goddess after usage. The lightweight exquisite cream is packed full of vitamins and antioxidants to assist in make-up longevity. Just one pump was enough to cover my entire face – a little goes a long way.

The primer felt like silk on my skin and dissolved into my face within seconds and I was ready to go.

Bottle of ESK Primer

ESK Peptide Primer RRP $95

A rich, nourishing and soothing blend of botanicals and peptides such as Matrixyl 3000 that, soothe the skin, moisturise and boost collagen production for a smoother, firmer, younger and healthier looking skin.

With a non-greasy texture it is an ideal base for applying makeup. This primer instantly tamped down the shine on my face, but didn’t make my skin look or feel chalky.

Our Favourite High Coverage Foundations This Season

Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation RRP: $66

Originally formulated for use by Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists and other aesthetic professionals, Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation is a breathable revolution. Oxygenetix Foundation was first formulated as an oxygen-enriched, protective  foundation to minimise patient’s scarring, discomfort and social downtime following procedures, but Hollywood makeup artists also discovered that one application of the foundation could last all day and night, even when shooting under harsh studio lights.  Not only is Oxygenetix Breathable Foundation used professionally, many consumers have adopted it into their daily cosmetic regimen, as it doesn’t damage skin like other products do. 

Long think black tube of foundation

Aspect Minerals Liquid Four Mineral Foundation RRP $59

The Aspect Minerals Liquid Four is not your typical heavy foundation, it’s definitely on the lighter end of the coverage spectrum but don’t let the sleek black bottle fool you, it packs a punch. Although the product appears light and soft when first squeezed out, it does in fact carry some weight to it that allows blemishes to be concealed. As I began to work the product across my cheek I noticed I had so much control over the level of coverage.

I was able to quickly build up the product and achieve that high coverage look in specific areas whilst being able to blend the product out over my chin and cheeks where I don’t require as much. With a smooth matte finish, the product feels and acts like skincare. It’s cosmeceutical, salon-quality skincare, but squished into a perfectly smoothing, colour-correcting liquid mineral foundation.

Clear bottle of light skin colour foundation

BareMinerals BarePro Performance Wear Liquid Foundation SPF 20 RRP $52

BareMinerals’ BarePro Performance Foundation stays fresh and natural-looking for up to 24 hours, thanks to special technology that literally binds the colour pigments to the skin’s natural lipids. The application process was super easy as it has a self setting finish.

After spreading the product over my face I could visibly see that pores & imperfections were blurred and I didn’t really need to bother with concealer. If I want something softly matte, and pretty invincible, then this is what I’d go for.

Stack of powder foundations

Aspect Minerals Powder Four RRP $59

I’ve never really had mineral foundations in my repertoire as I always considered them to involve that ‘cakey’ look we all fear. To my surprise, application was much easier and quicker than dabbing a liquid foundation with a beauty blender. I would recommend using a densely packed kabuki brush with a wide surface area to give you greater control when buffing the powder in.

The mineral powder offers a medium buildable coverage and an effortless satin finish. In terms of staying power, liquids will always last longer as they’re able to “set” on the face, but this powder did manage to last all day on my face as long as I didn’t touch or rub my skin too much.

TOP TIP: To achieve high coverage using a mineral foundation powder, after your brush is loaded with all that mineral goodness, gently tap the head of the brush on the side of the pot to dust off any excess face powder. Rather than using swiping or stippling motions, apply your powder foundation in a gentle circular motion so you get a flawless finish and even coverage. Build up the layers to form a good strong high coverage foundation that will last throughout the day.

NARS High coverage foundation with black cap

Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation RRP: $75

There’s longwear, and then there’s strongwear. This untraceable, full-coverage foundation delivers a super natural finish that is totally breathable, long wearing and fade-resistant. The formula is lightweight, breathable, both sweat and fade resistant, and because it’s formulated without oil it wears well on all skin types.

My Holy grain foundation. It doesn’t oxidise, and the shades are neutral which makes it easier to naturally match the foundation to your neck. A more dewy finish, perfect for Summer.

By Terry Light-Expert Click Brush

By Terry Light-Expert Click Brush RRP: $98

This light to medium-coverage click-brush foundation features a contouring kabuki for flawless, radiant skin and on-the-go application. The buildable, lightweight formula brightens the complexion, erases imperfections and promotes a silky, smooth finish. The innovative applicator features short, synthetic brush fibres that stretch and smooth foundation. 

Click here for the best foundation for all skin types.

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