Do Natural Beauty Products Work? Here’s What I Know

Natural beauty products are the hottest thing in beauty, but do they really work? I tested 5 new products.

Natural beauty – which can encompass anything from products with just one natural ingredient right up to 100% organic products, are the fastest growing skincare category in the world. We all want less chemicals, and to be as healthy as possible, even within our daily beauty routines.

“But do natural beauty products really work”? That’s the question both men and women are asking.

Image of five natural beauty products

Natural beauty products I tested at Mistere Spa and Retreat.

The trick is to find brands with active ingredients, particularly if anti-aging qualities are what you are looking for. Heritage brands, in other words brands that have been around for a long time and practising healthy farming and production methods are also a good bet.

And be prepared for products that don’t have the fragrances you are accustomed to. In truth, some natural beauty products don’t smell great. Almost every product we usually use has artificial fragrances, and many natural products have eliminated these, so they can smell natural.

The other adjustment is that truly natural products will last a maximum of just 6 months as they don’t have the preservatives (read chemicals) of traditional skincare, so use them quickly.

These are a handful of natural new products I took on a 4 day retreat this week at Mistere spa and retreat, a stunning new weekend escape close to Byron Bay in Northern New South Wales – but more about that natural wonder in an upcoming feature.

I road tested these natural beauty products right in the heart of nature, in the middle of a lush, tropical rainforest.

Biologi Face Serum Luminosity

Biologi Face Serum Luminosity:  This Australian made face serum is as healthy as it gets. Launched in September last year, is natural, organic and packed with plant serum skincare products.

Biologi are the only unaltered single ingredient plant-to-bottle skin care brand in the world, which is incredible. So it is super healthy and clean. There are no additives, fragrances, preservatives, or water in other words, the product is not diluted.

It is 100% active ingredient.

This face serum doesn’t have a strong fragrance, and is super smooth on the skin and absorbs quickly. Brilliant if you have any type of skin allergies. RRP:$97.95

Elizabeth Arden Superstart Skin Renewal Booster

Elizabeth Arden Superstart Skin Renewal Booster: This award winning facial booster is used before a serum or moisturiser, and contains plant extracts and  probiotic fortifiers to help strengthen the skin’s natural defenses. A bonus is that the ingredients actually boost the effectiveness of your regular skincare.

It is light in texture, and was absorbed quickly by my skin. There was a subtle, pleasant fragrance, and the package was a pleasure to use. I like the reflective silver coating, particularly for travel.

I would recommend Elizabeth Arden Skin Renewal Booster for any first time natural skincare user, as it still has the luxury and heritage of Elizabeth Arden and introduces some natural ingredients, but is not too organic, so not too much too soon. RRP$85.00

Dr Hauschka Lemon, Lemongrass Vitalising Body Wash

Dr Hauschka Lemon, Lemongrass Vitalising Body Wash: This European natural organic skincare brand uses medicinal plants for the face and body and everything they produce is from plants grown in their own garden in Germany.

When it comes to true organic beauty, this brand has it nailed, and I am yet to try a product I haven’t loved. I travel with small sizes of the body wash which really helps me get back to nature that first shower after a long flight.

If you are ready for a natural beauty overhaul, this brand is worth trying. You can see my chat with the global beauty director here. RRP$29.00 (full size, travel size shown here).

Babushka Lux Aestiva Bath Oil

Babushka Lux Aestiva Bath Oil: This Australian made vegan friendly, chemical and cruelty free bath oil is as beautiful to use as it is to look at. It feels and looks mystical and magical, with real dried flowers sitting in lush, thick oil.

The elegant glass jar is filled with botanical dried blooms infused in a blend of jojoba, sweet almond and pomegranate seed oils. Healthy and beautiful.

The fragrance took a little bit of getting used to, as it’s not artificial and we have all become accustomed to fragrances that smell strong – and fake. It smells of the natural oils and dried flowers.

Pouring the liquid into the bath was beautiful, and I struggled not to just pour the whole lot into the first bath. Very calming and soothing. RRP $36.00

Grown Alchemist Antioxidant and facial oil.

Grown Alchemist Antioxidant + Facial Oil Borago, Rosehip & Buckthorn 25mL: 

These scientific formulations are created with organic antioxidants and natural peptides to naturally work with the skin.

Grown Alchemist is an Australian beauty brand out of Melbourne and the approach has revolutionised the traditional anti-aging beauty brand approach.

I love the packaging and the pipette dropper just makes life easier when on the go. The product absorbs quickly into skin, there is no residue, and there are no chemicals.

This is excellent for both men and women, and the fragrance is natural and subtle.

Now available exclusively at Mecca. RRP:$65.00

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