MAC Liptensity could be the best lipstick ever

A new range of gorgeous colourful lipsticks , MAC Liptensity, has just been released, and this could be their best lipstick range ever.

This is not just another lipstick range. MAC Liptensity is the most colour saturated range of lipsticks you’re ever likely to see in one collection. Hard to imagine there’s a shade you wont find here – from a deep black/plum to  a range of reds, pinks and and oranges or seemingly every hue. But the colours are strong.

MAC collaborated with Maureen Seaberg for this new collection. Now there’s a woman who knows colour.  Seaberg has tested positive for tetrachromacy, which basically means (according to the BBC) she has super human vision. She has the presence of a fourth cone class for colour perception in her eyes, so sees colours the rest of us don’t. She writes amongst other pursuits, and her next book will be titled ‘Girl with kaleidoscope eyes’ and be her attempt to explain life with tetrachromacy.

But what better person to help MAC come up with the ultimate lipstick shades?


MAC sell a whopping 2000 lipsticks a day in Australia, and these MAC Liptensity colours are likely to walk off the shelves fast.

The 24 shades of MAC Liptensity promise true colour. That means whatever shade they are before you put them on, is the exact shade you will wear on your lips. What you see, is what you get. Now that makes for a change.

We’ve all fallen in love with lipstick colours at the beauty counter before, only to discover the shade looks completely different at home. This wont happen with this new range.

I’ve tried them, and it’s true.

MAC sell  a whopping 2000 lipsticks a day in Australia! That is 1.4 lipsticks every second, an they’ve no doubt used their extensive knowledge of women’s feedback and requests to create this new range which has been years in the making.

MAC Liptensity lipsticks are gel based, which means they don’t dry out your lips or show any imperfections – instead, they just glide right on over. Perfect for dry or chapped lips.

MAC Liptensity featured in Paris and Milan Fashion Week’s this year, and the response was overwhelming. They look – and feel – amazing.

There’s new packaging too – unlike MAC’s previous ranges where all of the lipsticks were packaged in black tubes, making it difficult to find the shade you wanted quickly, MAC Liptensity have their colour on the outside, making it easier to locate them in your make-up bag. You need one now – go.

RRP: $21.

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