I Learned More About My Skin In 1 Minute, Than I Have In The Last 30 Years

It’s called Nexa Mobile Skin Imaging, and it’s the latest in skin analysis technology, which produces an accurate result of your skin condition in under one minute.

This new technology is a smart design of a small camera which attaches easily to any smart device; like an iPad. The camera takes a photo of your skin, which then links it to a skin analysis app on the smart device. This app processes the image through Biometric Facial analysis, which then provides results of the skin’s condition, through the many different layers.

These results provide you with a very clear, visual understanding of your skin’s condition, in under one minute. Detailed images showing sun damage, blemishes, pore condition and even the condition of your capillaries, are provided in the results.

By analysing the skin through this new technology, therapists can better treat any major skin concern and tailor make the most suitable facial treatment.

Founder of Renae’s World; Renae Leith-Manos, and fellow writer Rebecca Wilkinson, were invited to test out this amazing new skin analysis technology, at the new beauty and laser clinic Peach & Garrett in Edgecliff, Sydney.

Founded by facialista Rebecca Peach-Davies and Eve Garrett; who has over 20 years-experience in the beauty industry, Peach & Garrett have brought back the traditional concept of facial treatments, by incorporating ancient holistic and aromatherapy techniques into their treatments, using LA-based skincare range Murad.

Murad skincare has been specially formulated by Dr Howard Murad MD; who is a certified dermatologist, trained pharmacist and Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at the Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA.

These uniquely designed skincare products are about treating your personalised skin conditions, through the Nexa Skin Imagery device, to help better treat your skin conditions and concerns for long term, rather than short term.

Here’s what Renae had to say about her skin analysis and facial:

I am someone who likes to know the worst of any situation whether it is my skin, my child’s performance at school or the background on a new guy I am about to go on a date with, so the skin analysis was brilliant for me. I have some sun damage and red spots, but nothing that can’t be dealt with.
The Murad facial was sensational. As women we get so busy looking after everyone else, it is so important to put time and energy into ourselves, and this facial was an excellent investment. I left with my skin feeling supple, smooth and my skin glowing.

Here’s what Rebecca had to say about her skin analysis and facial:

I was scared about the skin analysis, worried it would bring up a world of skin issues. Turns out, my skin is in pretty good condition for my age (which is 37). Minimal pigmentation of the skin, which is no doubt the result of my monthly microdermabrasion treatments.
Blemishes which are more superficial then deep below the cells., and most likely the result of excess oil and dirt in the skin from wearing makeup every day. I did have a slightly burst capillary on my left cheekbone, under the surface of the skin; which I will need to keep an eye on.
And the analysis also showed I have an excess of melatonin dust across my chin, which has resulted in a lot of breakouts lately. To help with my skin concerns, my facial treatment consisted of a rich fruit enzyme mask, and a lot of vitamin C. And, it was probably the best facial I have ever had.
I felt so relaxed afterwards, and it was really refreshing to have an old school facial of massage therapy on the face. My skin was glowing afterwards and has since been easy to manage.

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