Harrods have opened the most luxurious wellness clinic in the world

On Harrod’s fourth floor, the most luxurious (and expensive) wellness clinic in the world has quietly opened its doors.

Goodness only knows which famous faces have and will grace this incredible new clinic created by Harrods.

I couldn’t help but think of the late Princess Diana when I went there, as if she was alive today,  I think she would have loved this place.

When Harrods do something, they do it right, and this new venue is no exception. It’s where you will find the best of the best in each and every wellness category in one of the most sophisticated settings you will find anywhere.

The Wellness Clinic By Harrods has vast open spaces and relaxing, neutral interiors.

When I think of wellness I almost always think of Asia, palm trees, beaches and seemingly endless subservient service, and refreshingly, there is none of that here. This is quite different, and feels very advanced. The latest of everything is here, in this vast space, from equipment to services, treatments and staff.

Renae at The Wellness Clinic By Harrods.

When I think of Harrods, wellness isn’t a word that springs to mind, which is what makes this 10,500 square feet piece of natural nirvana so astonishingly magnetic. It’s easy to see how people from all over the world looking to accomplish anything from weightloss to wonderment or even inner peace are going to go crazy over this place.

There are two sides to the services on offer, inner and outer, which are being delivered by some of the best practitioners in each field, ranging from meditation and mindfulness to acupuncture, one on one personal training, cryotherapy,  vitamin drips, nutrition, a chiropractor and even plastic surgery.

There are tailored weight loss programs by renowned nutritionist Louise Parker,  known for her six week program The Method, where she finds an achievable food plan for clients for their lifetime rather than short term diets.

Dr. Tapan Patel is known as one of the best injectors in the business, and even consults to Allergan to tell them how best to use their products.

The consulting rooms at The Wellness Clinic By Harrods are beautiful.

Terrence The Teacher is an incredible global mindfulness expert who I had a session with you will read about in an upcoming blog.

Like many other high end global health retreats, one of the most exciting aspects of the clinic are guest practitioners from around London as well as New York in a range of fields including specialist rejuvenating skin treatments for the face and body.

This is where you go to get yourself completely sorted, for a kind of physical and mental overhaul if you like, both inside and out. Anyone can access as much or as little of he service on offer as they like.

One of the thrills for me was perusing the many new skincare brands Harrods have sourced from all over the world to being the latest anti-acing technology to their clients, and they will DNA test you to ensure you invest in the right brand for your body and your skin.

Then there are the interiors which are super zen and sophisticated.  There are 14 luxury rooms and 2 personal training studios where cameras can beam your trainer live to you via Skype should you be away for one of your sessions. There is also a body camera where you can see how others see you ( if that’s your thing).

The calming wooden and stone finishings and surfaces are as luxe and soothing as you can get, and there are vast open spaces, a rarity in London. I instantly wanted to lie down – in a good way.

When Harrods invest in something new, it’s a sure sign the concept is going to go off, and this new wellness clinic is no exception.

This is heaven on earth, and I did have a session, but will write about that in a separate article.

If it’s true transformation you are after, this is possibly the best place in the world to start.

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