I Tried The Game Of Thrones (GoT) Enzyme Facial

Enzyme GOT facial with DMK

I tried the Game Of Thrones (Got) facial, and it’s weird, but it works.

So what exactly is it? An intense concrete-like  enzyme based treatment in 5 different sections that feels as odd as White Walker from GOT looks. (Also known as the grandma and dragon facial for the bizarre and highly wrinkled way you look mid-treatment.)

Created by DMK, it has taken social media by storm, because of the bizarre way it makes your skin look – and feel, and it’s the kind of treatment you wont forget. DMK says it restores skin to its “peak condition”, and there certainly are anti-aging benefits.

The sticky enzyme mask is painted onto the skin after it is double cleansed. The skin feels a touch tingly.

As women over 40, we will do just about anything to stimulate the skin’s natural collagen production, clear toxins  – oh lets be honest, we just want to look as glowy, wrinkle free and clear-skinned as possible and to have our skin look as young as it possibly can, whatever that means.

This facial has had some seriously good reviews globally. The reports say it leaves you looking terrifying as your skins tightens to the point  where you are unable to crack a smile, and your face feels pulled in every direction. This treatment is not for the claustrophobic. But as terrifying as it might look, it’s actually pretty relaxing, or that was my experience.

It takes round 40 minutes for the mask to go from wet to rock hard when you are unable to move the facial muscles.

Initially you lie down on a massage bed, just like you do with any other facial, and  your skin is double cleansed in the same way it is with other facial treatments.  I noticed the products didn’t have a fragrance, but felt and smelt earthy, natural.

The mask is mixed on the spot so it is super fresh ( and so it has not yet set).

GOT facial mask
Once it sets, the mask cracks and your skin feels very, very tight. People have been known to feel claustrophobic, but I was ok.

It is painted onto the face and neck and felt a little tingly at this point, but nothing major It was what followed that was something new. It sits on the skin for about 30 minutes, and gradually hardens in stages.

As the skin tingles and tightens it almost feels like instant skin-ageing until  you realise you cannot move one muscle in your face – or neck. There’s not a chance of talking. It is like a porcelain mask over your face which has set rock hard.

The hardening of the mask is said to stimulate circulation which intern forces the body to pump blood and oxygen to the face, and fast.

Meantime the lymph system starts systematically draining, which intern effects the blood’s circulation, immune system and overall balance. Acne and hyper pigmentation benefit greatly.

The setting of the mask in turn softens skin, closes pores and leaves skin looking fresh.

The skins’ reaction is called a plasmatic response – which means the veins become visible beneath the skin and the more visible the veins, the healthier your skin is said to be, and this reaction can last for about 90 minutes after the treatment. (If you have brown skin, the veins are much less visible).

The mask is removed after the 30 minutes using plain old water – and that process can’t happen fast enough once the mask has set rock-hard, you just want the damn thing off and heck to smile and talk again!

Journalist Renae Leith-Manos and her daughter, Stella.
My skin was clear and taught after the DMK Got Facial. (Renae seen here with her daughter, Stella).

After just one facial, I saw results. My veins were popping out just as they were supposed to ( and settled after about an hour), my skin glowed and all was well again.

My pores definitely tightened and the redness my skin often has was reduced. I actually really liked this facial – I found it both relaxing and effective. My skin glowed within 2 hours after the treatment and for days to follow. I would recommend the DMK GoT facial, and I will have it again. Money well spent. For more, click here.

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