Fitness Tips: F45 -How I’m getting my bikini body back (yep, it’s vain but necessary).

Some call it a cult, but F45 is said to be the fastest way in Sydney to get that bikini body and your fitness back – watch this space.

F45 is a fitness concept based on the simple principal you turn up for 45 minutes at least 3 times a week, workout in a circuit, often teamed up with a partner or two, and tone up, burn fat, improve your body composition, and lose weight fast.

It is the largest and fastest growing functioning training network in the world, and the fourth fastest growing franchise in the world.

It all started in Paddington, Sydney almost four years ago.

F45 Gym
F45: Renae Leith-Manos trying out the cult fitness class.

There are even people calling it a cult.

The concept has evolved to much more than simply a 45 minute circuit training class, with TV screens, and now an online 8 week nutrition program to go with the classes to ensure everyone gets great results.

So what am I doing there to get toned and taught? There are two aspects – the fitness, and The Challenge which includes daily nutritional advice and a meal plan.

F45 Gym
F45: Where mornings start early, with the first session at 530am.

Apparently I have to give up coffee! Eeek! Red meat, and of course, alcohol. And I am training 5 -6 mornings a week for 45 minutes each time.

Paddington Trainer Alicia Vincent explains: “Our objective is to create a lean look for our clients rather than big traps or muscly legs. It is total body training, and it’s all over in 45 minutes, so it is quick.

“After four weeks, people around them start noticing changes. We recommend three months for full life changes and I have seen those take place so many times.”

“The F45 challenge includes a full nutrition program over 8 weeks which guarantees results. We have 60 people on it in Paddington at the moment, and another program end of January.”

I am about to become another one. Wish me luck and I will let you know how I go.

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