Do you have The Right Car Insurance For Your Road Trip?

In this pandemic era of road trips your car insurance is now more important than ever.

Knowing you have your car insurance sorted means you can tick another task off your ever-growing to-do list.  It means you can drive around with total peace of mind .

But, did you know  a large percentage of Australians are inadvertently voiding their car insurance without even realising tit? 

Having the right car insurance can make or break your road trip.
Having the right car insurance can make or break your road trip.

Here are some easy tips for staying safe and legal on the road

Compare Prices and Policies:

Despite spending hours trying to find the best deal and cover – check out Qantas car insurance comparison if you’re looking to switch provider – many drivers have no idea that some of the smallest actions, can have the biggest consequences on their insurance coverage. 

Not checking in with your insurance provider 

Checking in with your insurance provider is hardly like talking with a friend or catching up with your parents, but if you want to keep your coverage in place, it’s probably just as important.

We have all experienced huge changes this year.

It’s vital to keep your insurance provider in the loop of any personal changes such as your job, an increase or decrease in your travel, if you sell your car or if your address changes.

Failing to keep your provider up to date means if you have a crash and want to make a claim, your cover could be invalid. 

Modifying your vehicle 

Any changes you make to the vehicle that affect the performance, speed or appearance of your vehicle must be declared to your insurance provider.

Failing to do so means you won’t be covered by your policy.

Modifications such as boosters and changes to the wheels or exhaust systems are common amongst younger drivers – just make sure that you declare all changes if you want to keep your coverage in place.

If you’re unsure of what is classed as a modification, err on the side of caution and talk to your provider.

Your pet

A dog is man’s best friend, but he could also be invalidating your car insurance. Allowing your pet to travel, unrestrained in your vehicle, could be classed as driving recklessly.

Pets are distracting and they put drivers and other motorists at risk. If you’re driving with your dog in the car and they’re not restrained, you could be looking at an invalid policy.

Not taking car security seriously

Most policies cover the theft of a vehicle. However, if the driver hasn’t taken the security of their car seriously they could be left without the cover they need.

Left your car unlocked in the parking lot and it’s now been stolen? Or left your keys in the ignition when you went into the gas station to pay for your fuel? If you don’t take the right precautions, then your insurer may not want to payout! 

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