Beauty: Want to Have Work Done? In Sydney, Start Here

where to get plastic surgery in Sydney

Where do you start if you want to have work done to your face or body? In Sydney I would say start here:

One of the most common questions I am asked by women at girl’s lunches is where and who they should go to to have work done.

In Sydney it has become common place for women over 40 to have work. In fact there aren’t many who haven’t started by 30.

Everything from botox to boobs, vaginaplasties and eye lifts are regular topics of conversation. Heck it’s not unusual to see a woman pull her knickers down in a restaurant to reveal her tummy tuck scar (and they’re pretty horrific I have to say).

In my job over many years I have interviewed a pile of plastic surgeons. Many in Sydney, London, France and New York and of course there are those based in London who fly backwards and forwards to New York on a weekly basis. They are an entertaining group of people.

Some of the male surgeons I’ve met are truly entertaining. They love things of beauty so are often – but not always- surrounded by a bevy of ex-wives, gorgeous busty nurses, assistants and spectacular premises more suited to Champagne and mirrro ball cocktail parties than.. er ..procedures. I do wonder what goes on there after dark

In New York recently, there was a designer vagina showcase held by Dr Amir Marashi (Someone I haven’t yet chatted to).

He had a plastic model of the perfect vagina on display,  with everything sized and shaped to perfection, (which has become one of the trendiest and most popular procedures for young women).

It’s a colourful, confusing, super-expensive world, and navigating it for a woman new to it all is very hit and miss.

Plastic surgeons don’t generally like me as I am not into a lot of work. There is very little about me that’s not real, but I do try the odd treatment to write about it and help inform.

Recently I met Dr Steven Liew, and really enjoyed his approach as did the patients of his I met. He is the opposite of many plastic surgeons I have met, as he is softly spoken, super humble and a truly gentle man. But he is an absolute perfectionist.

He believes in not over-doing the face or body, and that making women more beautiful and enhancing what they already have is the objective rather than changing them.

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