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Asia Travel, Best Bars: The most incredible bars you’ll see in Asia

Hong Kong is packed with hot bars, but one has the most incredible interiors you’ll see in Asia, and the others aren’t far behind.

It’s the stunning and often startling interiors of these Hong Bars that make them an incredible place to enjoy a cocktail or two. Have your camera ready and your hair brushed. This is serious selfie territory.

The Iron Fairies’ interiors are mind blowing.

The Iron Fairies: The interiors of this bar are absolutely breathtaking. It is worth going just to have a look at the awesomeness good designers can create when unleashed. The Iron Fairies Hong Kong is another spectacular job from designer Ashley Sutton, and this bar is already established in Bangkok and Tokyo.

It resembles a blacksmith’s workshop and apparently reflects the designer’s interest in miners who create iron fairy figures. Hundreds of butterflies are suspended from the roof and move throughout the evening in a more enchanting way the more cocktails you consume. There are candles, leather, metal, words cannot do this one justice. Oh, the cocktails and food are great too. Mainly Western style snacks.

Photos of The Iron Fairies Bar in Hong Kong don’t do it justice.

J Boroski: This Hong Kong cocktail bar is the real deal. You will find every cocktail you have ever dreampt of here, and the setting is unashamedly sexy, masculine and hot. There’s no drinks list which I love. The barmen make your drinks to order, so the drinks are truly bespoke, and encourage you not to have the “same again” but to step outside your comfort zone as they take you on a journey of not only cocktails, but yourself.

It is one of those typical Hong Kong establishments – in that is hidden away and you need to e-mail the to request an invitation to get in. I know, sounds a but full-on, but it’s so worth it. When I arrived, I was almost waiting to see people trading black money at the tables such was the mystery surrounding finding it and getting in.  Designer Ashley Sutton has created the interiors in leather, teak, steel and copper, it is elegant and sharp. The walls are clad in rhinoceros beetles – hundreds of them, and they all look real.

J Boroski is a cocktail bar with no drinks list – the drinks are bespoke spending on what you feel like at the time.

Quirky. So who is J Boroski? Well he’s Joseph, and he has spent a lifetime creating cocktails, having started in New York. Don’t miss this. You can contact him to get an invite here: 2603 6020. Alternatively, email Joseph at or contact him via social media.

Foxglove: Another Hong Kong venue secretly hidden away – this time via a secret door in an umbrella shop, but it doesn’t open until you have touched the right handle of one of the many umbrellas in the shop! I was waiting for either umbrella man or the secret service to turn up, such is the nature of the adventure to find this fabulously slick bar.

Foxglove has a sexy, masculine feel with multiple colour schemes.

More from Fox glove – I love the masculine feel of this part of the bar.

The interiors are inspired by vintage cars and planes, with dark finishes and a masculine, wintery feel.One section is blue with shiny cream panels enveloping the walls and ceilings. Another section is bright red reminiscent of a train cabin. Wood panelling features throughout.


Maison 8 Hong Kong.

Maison 8; This spectacular roof top bar is all about the views on the Terrace. The indoor interiors are not amazing, but why would you be there? The food is ok, but the cocktails are awesome, and drinking here, you feel like you really are in Hong Kong and seeing it at its best. I am not a fan of the food, but the views, the drinks, a big yes.

Maison 8, Hong Kong.

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