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The AFR’s List of best 100 Aussie Restaurants. It’s almost embarrassing for Sydney.

In Sydney we think we’re pretty cool, but with the release of the AFR’s top 100 Restaurants, many famed Sydney spots are sorely missing.

When you travel the world and eat in a lot of foreign cities, you realise what incredible passion there is for food outside of Australia, and how many amazing restaurants there are.

Esther Restaurant in Chippendale has been voted one of Sydney’s best.

You also realise how over the top the prices are in many Australian restaurants, especially Sydney. A lot of conversations at Sydney coffee shops are between people lamenting the cost of simple food like a roast lamb, chicken or a simple steak at a restaurant or even a pub.

Sepia Restaurant is one of the more upmarket stayers on top restaurant lists.

And Sydney is not London or Paris or New York. It’s not even in the same time zone as any of the other global players, just saying. So why are we paying at best the same, and at worst more just for a plate of food in a restaurant?

Maybe the food critics, like me, have also had enough of mediocre Sydney restaurant food at super high end prices. Most of the restaurants they have rated are smaller, more boutique style intimate spots rather than the five star glamour venues. But in the top 100 list the AFR have published this week,  just 37 are from NSW.

Many are in rural Australian locations and many in NSW are not even in the heart of Sydney.

In the top 10, modest little Esther in Chippendale is number 3, Glamorous  stayer Sepia in the city is number 5, Funky Automata is number 9, and sexy but hard to get into Restaurant Hubert number 10. 

Check the list out here:


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