7 Remarkable New Travel Attractions That Have Opened Around the World

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Seven new exciting travel attractions have opened around the world, and they are ready and waiting.

Famous French composer and chansonnier Gustave Nadaud once said, “To be, is to exist, but to travel, is to live”. Which is a testament to the idea that we travel not to escape life, but for life to escape us.

Despite the uncertainty of when Aussies can head back overseas for leisure again, there is a ripple of excitement in the air, as international borders have been given the green light to open again. 

These major overseas destinations, have opened some exciting new attractions. Some are old and revamped; some are new and improved. 

As the French say ‘voyager en securite’ Travel Safe.

Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, London:

The exquisite new -look Theatre Royal.
Inside the newly restored Theatre Royal on Drury Lane, London.

After a two-year restoration of the 200-year-old Theatre Royal, which cost around $113 million, the theatre is now open, bringing glamour back to London’s West End. 

And it’s not just the auditorium in the theatre that’s had a refurbishment. Loads of new dining venues have opened, which include the opulent Rotunda champagne star, ideal for a high end afternoon tea and the soon-to-open Green Saloon, where afternoon tea will be served under chandeliers.

La Samaritaine, Paris:

Inside the glorious La Samaritaine, Paris.
Just one of the many luxurious stores inside La Samaritaine, Paris.

La Samaritaine, Paris was once the grandest department store of Paris. After being closed for the last 16 years, it has been rebirthed by SANAA Architects, restoring the once great art deco and art nouveau elements to its former glory.

Inside the great department store, you’ll find a wide-range of shops, restaurants, cafes, and tea rooms, including access to the newly opened exclusive five-star hotel with just 72 rooms, Cheval Blanc Paris.

Johnnie Walker Princes Street, Edinburgh:

The attraction spans eight storeys, features rooftop bars, private dining areas, modern sensory tasting rooms, personalised tours, and tasting experiences, and live performances in some areas.
Which Johnny Walker will you try?

Johnnie Walker Princes Street is a location in central Edinburgh where the history of the story of the whisky brand is celebrated.

Two new rooftops bars have opened on Johnnie Walker Princes Street, in Edinburgh and both feature a range of cultural experiences like barrel tasting, rare whiskies and tours.

Matching the success of Dublin’s Guinness Storehouse, which was Ireland’s biggest attraction in 2019, Johnnie Walker Princes Street will spread over eight stories in west end of Edinburgh, where locals and visitors can explore, taste, dine and have fun.

Circulo Mexicano, Mexico City, Mexico:

The minimalist design and space of the hotel room at the Circulo Mexicano.
The beautiful rooftop pool and bar of the Circulo Mexicano, which overlooks parts of old Mexico City.

Grupo Habita, Mexico’s hippest hoteliers, have opened an elegant, new 5 star boutique hotel called Circulo Mexicano. The property is a re-interpretation of the traditional Mexican patio-centric house.

The nude colour scheme of the interiors of the hotel brings new life to the city, channelling energy to downtown Mexico City, with cool and ultra-modern hotel rooms, a seafood restaurant, which is already becoming a top place to eat in Mexico City and a stunning rooftop pool.

The Colosseum, Rome:

The stunning Colosseum, Rome.
Inside the ancient Colosseum of Rome.

For the first time ever, visitors to the Colosseum will be able to explore the 15,000 square metres of the monument’s backstage area, walking through tunnels, where great gladiators once walked and prepared for their battles.

Other sites now open in Rome to make the perfect pairing to a Colosseum tour are the Mausoleum of the emperor Augustus and the tombs of one of ancient Rome’s most revered dynasties, the Scipione.

If antiquities are not your thing, there are plenty of new restaurants and shops that have opened in Testaccio, the original foodie neighbourhood of Rome. 

250-metre Observation Wheel, Dubai:

The new Eye of Dubai boasts spectacular views of Dubai City at night.
The sunset views don’t get better than that, whilst sipping g cocktails on the Ain Dubai.

Dubai has added a new item to their list of world’s biggest things to see. A 250-metre observation wheel, which is twice as high as the London Eye and just launched, in October.

It’s called the Ain Dubai – Ain meaning Eye in Arabic, and it features three styles of cabins: observation, social and private cabins. The observation cabins are simply for enjoying the ride, the social cabin has a bar in the centre for drinks, and in the private cabins, you can enjoy a three-course dinner with drinks.

Little Island, New York:

The incredible industrious design of Pier 55.
The night time view of Little Island, with lit up pathways makes for a romantic stroll at night.

There is a new floating island on the Hudson River of NYC, accessed by ferry, which is exciting locals and visitors. Also referred too as Pier 55, the island is 1.1 hectares in size, and features an amphitheatre, magnificent sunset views and is built on existing the pillars of Pier 45. The island features spectacular well-kept gardens, a variety of quaint cafes where you can enjoy some daily eats and drinks, and plenty of areas for kids to play and adults to walk, sit and relax.

To maintain numbers, you must book in advance if you wish to visit the island, as the ferries are only allowed to take a certain number of passengers. 

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