5 Luxurious Body Lotions for Skin When Travelling

Image of Byredo Rose of No Man's Land body lotion.

Travelling from one extreme temperature to another can damage the skin, so pampering your skin from head to toe in a luxurious body lotion is critical.

These are 5 luxe body lotions you will love both before, during and after your next overseas trip.

From lightweight moisturisers to pop on in the morning for all day hydration, to rich, nourishing lotions and oils to slather the body in at night time, these luxe body lotions will be a beautiful treat for the skin before travelling.

Check out our top 5 picks for luxurious body lotions, you’ll love both before, during and after your next overseas trip.

This cult luxurious body moisturiser is a classic for a reason. 

Rich in shea butter, natural oils and cocoa butter, this is a luxurious body lotion that will offer the skin all day hydration.

This lotion is perfect to apply in the morning because it is lightweight, so it won’t feel sticky or heavy on the skin.

For a fragrance-infused body lotion to hydrate the skin, Byredo’s range of body lotions are beautiful and a luxurious way to enhance your favourite fragrance. 

Rose Of No Man’s Land is one of their best-selling scents, with a blend of Turkish rose petals, raspberry blossom and papyrus and white amber, this scent is uplifting and romantic, which is perfect for day to night.

This body lotion will enhance and help support longevity of fragrance, so it is perfect to apply in the morning for a lingering scent all day.

This light-weight moisturiser is a drink of water for the skin.

This is a nourishing and protective cream that instantly hydrates and smoothes the skin, which is great for all skin types. 

Chantecaille is a luxurious French brand that specialises in botanical skincare and makeup, which Renae loves, and its body care category is sensational. Sold in stores like Harrods and Fortnum and Mason in London, it oozes style, class and luxury.

The Retinol Body Treatment will not only feel hydrating and luxe on the skin with its nourishing botanicals and oils, but it will also treat and repair the skin for firmness and brightness, thanks to encapsulated retinol. This is great if heading to extreme temperatures like the snow or the dessert.

Retinol-infused body lotions can repair and smooth the skin, and give it over an all-over body glow.

For the most luxurious and rich form of body treatment, the Costa Brazil Body Oil is a hydrating oil that will nourish the skin from head to toe with its delicate blend of oils and butters.

It is also packed with active ingredients to treat the skin and visibly improve the appearance of the skin all over.

Renae’s Tip: Mix a few drops of this luxurious oil into your favourite body lotion to create a richer, more hydrating cream. You can put a little of this into a travel friendly container to use when away.

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