10 Restaurants in Paris You Must Try Right Now

Paris is always a good idea, and there is a whole new crop of luxury hotels as well as restaurants to try. These are 10 restaurants in Paris you need to try now.

Paris is buzzing once again with old favourites like Balagan and Le Mary Celeste, as well as new bistros, bars, and canteens that are a must-try if visiting Paris this year. There are also some amazing new hotels.

With international travel opening back up, 2022 is the best time to travel to Paris and fulfil a holiday full of croissants, escargots, macarons, and jambon-beurre, while rediscovering what makes Paris one of the most visited cities in the world. 

10 of the best restaurants right now in Paris: 

Datsha Underground

On Rue des Gravilliers, Datsha Underground is an eclectic establishment where people get together to share a unique culinary and sensory experience created by Alexandra Rapoud. Datsha Underground serves contemporary cuisine in the restaurant and offers a hidden cocktail bar, the Spootnik, located in the basement featuring aerospace decor. In the kitchen of the restaurant there are now two chefs, Portuguese Joao DaSilva (who worked at Passerini) and French Vincent Bessy (who worked at Frenchie). Together, they deliver an experimental and creative cuisine, served in small, gorgeously presented portions to share with guests.

Mimosa inside The Hôtel de la Marine

Built in the 18th century by Ange-Jacques Gabriel, Mimosa inside The Hôtel de la Marine exhibits a history of great wealth. The Mimosa Restaurant offers a serene hideaway from the life of the city, filled with classic architecture with high ceilings and large bay windows to create a bright setting. The Mimosa Restaurant offers a menu all year round that is focused on quality products and freshness, from dishes with products such as blue lobster from Brittany, veal paillard and rock octopus, as well as quality vegetables from the Paris Region. 

La Halle aux Grains

Halle aux Grains is a new Café from the Bras Family, located in the heart of the Bourse de Commerce. This restaurant offers an extraordinary space with an unforgettable vue of Paris, with a “back to basics” cooking style for lunch, afternoon, and dinner. The restaurant is unique with its energy and atmosphere as well as its interior and exterior design of the space, designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. 


Granite has been offering memorable meals since opening this year, launching lyrically delicious meals and a unique experience. Granite is a Michelin starred restaurant located on Rue Bailleul, with young chef Tom Meyer at the head of its modernity. Granite has been named “The least expensive michelin-starred restaurant in Paris” where they focus on a commitment to zero waste and zero plastic while serving a fine and meticulous menu.


Located in the prestigious 16th district of Paris, Bellefeuille offers aristocratic grandeur and a fresh romantic feel while embracing nature in its decor and in its high quality menu. The exterior has been meticulously designed with delicately drawn panoramas, mouldings, woodwork, black and beige tiling and a fireplace beneath an ancient mirror that reflects the greenery of the outdoor garden. Bellefeuille is the perfect place for lunch with friends or a romantic dinner cooked by Executive Chef Juilien Dumas and Pastry Chef Sophie Bonnefond.


Since its opening in Autumn of 2021, French Chef Alain Ducasse has been offering an establishment with moderate prices and a mainly vegetal cuisine full of flavour. Sapid or ‘Sapidus’ translates to ‘rich in flavour’ which is exactly what this culinary creativity shares with Paris. Sapid is located in the 10th Arrondissement of Paris, with its pale green windows, making full display of some vegetable boxes. Unfortunately Sapid is only offering takeaway at this point in time, but is still a wonderful option for a vegetarian meal from a restaurant that focuses on eliminating waste and increasing sustainability. 

L’Auberge de Nicolas Flamel

This intimate and quiet restaurant serves impressive food with great wine choices. L’Auberge de Nicolas Flamel has one Michelin star and a beautiful restaurant facade and offers a menu of fantastic, inventive food created with unique combinations such as chocolate, mushroom and celery.


On the ground floor of the Cheval Blanc Hotel, Limbar is open every day and offers a brand new tea room that opens from breakfast to afternoon tea, and turns into a cocktail bar at night. chef Maxime Frédéric has designed a sweet and savoury baked goods menu from his love of baking. One of the greatest new additions to the Parisian scene of Paris, its originality and great service make it a great restaurant to dine in when visiting Paris. 

Le Relais Plaza

Since its grand opening on December 30, 1936, Le Relais Plaza has been the ‘it place’ of Paris.This iconic Art Deco restaurant, recently welcomed executive chef Jean Imbert who offers an authentic French brasserie cuisine. Through his vision, diners discover the perfect model of a classic Parisian brasserie. Le Relais Plaza is one of the city’s last remaining Art Deco dining rooms, exhibiting Diane Chasseresse’s original frescoes alongside Lalique’s spectacular chandelier and engraved zodiac stained glass. This is a place worth visiting to feel the atmosphere of the roaring 1930’s and enjoy quality food.  

Maison Russe

Maison Russe, a Russian themed restaurant with a cosy ambiance that serves Russian cuisine such as caviars, boiled eggs, cod, salom heart and pavlovas. The menu is both gourmet and refined with noble products and shared cuisine. Inside Maison Russe is a boutique that contains the opulence and refinement of Russian gastronomy, designed to provide a unique experience. The bar Les Poupees Russes serves a menu of surprising cocktails made by mixologists. 

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