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WTF? This week I shaved my face.

Yep, it’s true. I shaved half my face this week. The ultimate exfoliation.

I was in New York as a guest of a very upscale salon I wont mention the name of here, and the beautician not only asked if I would like her to shave the hair off my face but she recommended I do it to improve exfoliation, circulation and so my skin looked smoother and younger.

I didn’t at that time, as I was terrified, but the concept has surfaced again this week, as Veet have released a fabulous gadget -The Sensitive Precision Beauty Styler. It’s a female hair trimmer for the whole body, but one way you can use it is for shaving the hair from your face.

And guess what? I did it  – but to just half of my face to see how the hair grew back and how it compared to the other side. We all know there are two fears with shaving your face – one that you will cut your face whilst doing it, but the other big one is re-growth.

I’m apparently in good company, as Marilyn Munro, Elizabeth Taylor and even Cleopatra were not only up for it, but insisted on Face Planing (the professional/industry name) regularly as part of their beauty routine.

So what exactly is it? Basically shaving your face is exactly what the guys do, yep, with a razor and shaving cream, but not any razor, a special Number 10 blade, which a beauty therapist can use.

Face Planing removes all of the hair from you face, that fuzzy thin hair – with a razor and shaving cream, yep, just like the guys do. But I used the Veet Sensitive Precision Beauty Styler as it is so safe. (The blades are cleverly designed not to touch your skin). My disclaimer is that apparently this is not “official derma face planing” as you need an actual razor to claim that, which also takes off the top layer of skin, and this gadget doesn’t. But this was more than enough for me.


Can you tell here which side of my face I have shaved?

Girls who get face planing done swear it makes the skin glow, as this is the ultimate exfoliation for your skin. Many dermatologists I have spoken to over the years say that is why men generally have great skin without the use of decades of anti-ageing cream, facials and treatments like us girls.

You only have to look at a 50 year old woman’s skin next to a 50 year old man’s skin to see what they mean.

The Veet Sensitive Precision Beauty Styler  gently shaves hair off any part of the body,  officially  it removes the vellum hair (peach fuzz) from the face, and is safe as the blades are cleverly designed so they don’t actually touch the skin. Without this super new gadget, I would never have indulged in this terrifying beauty procedure in my own home. 

It was a scary process, and I took it very slow. I was surprised to discover I do have hair on my face, and it tingled to remove it with the styler. I can see that once I get used it, it will be very fast, but the first time, like anything, it was very slow. This new product will be a god-send for women who regularly go to the salon for the procedure, as they can now do it at home. Washing the bladed area was super simple too.

You can even clip your nose hairs with it like the guys do (I am amazed to discover how many women have this done in the salon too)!

Incidentally, the Veet sensitive precision beauty styler is also brilliant to trim hair on any part of the body before a wax, I also used it on eyebrows (also scary but easy once you get the hang of it, and there are some great clips on youtube about it) and it travels brilliantly.

So what were the advantages of shaving my face? Well it DID look fresher than the side I left alone, the hair has slowly started to grow back which does feel odd as a woman, and I confess I have the overwhelming urge to pull out the Veet sensitive precision beauty styler and do it all over again, but I have so far resisted.

I guess that is what you get with an addictive personality! Life is short, it is fun to try these trends sometimes, right?

The Veet Sensitive Precision Beauty Styler retails for $49.99

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