Why Hair Care is as Important as Skin Care When Travelling

Taking care of your hair is equally as important as your skin when travelling. Changes in temperature, humidity levels and water can wreak havoc on hair.

In recent years hair care has become as important as skincare with a host of new products on the market to help hair grow longer, stronger and thicker, much faster.

Like skin care routines, having a hair care routine is a great way to maintain healthy hair, protect the scalp, prevent dandruff, encourage hair growth, and boost overall happiness and appearance. This i seven more important when travelling.

Maintaining healthy hair can be a struggle when there are so many differing opinions online whether on Tik Tok, hairdressing sites or product sites about how often to wash and condition, let alone what to use.

Here we investigate these trending hair care recommendations and provide a list of products for healthy hair and a healthy scalp.

Should you wash your hair every day?

Many online opinions claim that washing hair too little is unhygenic, but washing hair too often is damaging for the hair, so how much should the hair be washed realistically?

Washing the hair too often can throw off the scalp microbiome, disrupt the natural oils in the skin and follicles, and make the hair brittle and lifeless. 

According to Dominic Burg, a UK expert in biotechnological advances in the world of hair and scalp health, washing the hair every day can actually lead to bad bacteria and fungi taking over, causing inflammation.

Dominic Burg also says that if the hair feels dirty and like it needs washing too frequently, the products being used are most likely wrong for the hair type. 

“Everyone’s skin and follicles will produce different levels of oils, which is normal and actually good for hair. The main challenge is finding the right balance with the right products for you to maintain your style without disrupting your natural microbiome, pH, and natural oils,” –  Dominic Burg 

What products are good for my hair? 

For normal hair, the Bare None Zero Waste Shampoo and Conditioner for $18 each are great value. The formula is clean and fit for everyday use, it contains aloe vera extract to soothe, balance and moisturise the hair and scalp for healthy, shiny hair, and does not contain parabens, phthalates, or mineral oils. The packaging is made from recyclable aluminium and is plastic free, a great sustainable choice for buying new hair care products.


Another amazing natural shampoo and conditioner set is the Mukti Botanique Organic Hair Care Duo for $79.90, ideal for nourishing both the hair and scalp. This Duo set smells amazing and works well for reducing dandruff and scalp irritation. It also is made from post-consumer recycled plastic, which is manufactured from used, recycled and repurposed plastic that is collected from beaches, oceans, land and recycling plants. 

For travel, the Coco & Eve Like A Virgin Hair Necessities Kit RRP $66.90 which includes a Deep Clean Scalp Scrub, which is a pre-shampoo treatment for the scalp and hair, and uses Volcanic Ash, AHAS, BHA and Coconut Shell Powder for a deep cleanse. A Miracle Hair Elixir, which is a multi use oil and can be used either on towel dried hair before drying hair naturally, or after styling to keep flyaways at bay for smooth polished locks. There is also a Nourishing Coconut & Fig Hair Masque which is a deep conditioning treatment designed to strengthen and nourish tired hair.

Each product comes in a handy travel sized pack, which makes it easy for travel and provides the essential necessities (hence the name) needed to keep hair looking healthy and clean when travelling abroad (or locally).

How should you wash your hair?

Washing hair every two to three days is the recommended amount to wash, however, there are no rules, if it feels dirty it’s probably time for a shampoo and condition. If the hair is visibly oily, the scalp is itching, or there’s flaking due to dirt, that is also a sign that the hair will benefit from a good wash. 

The correct way to shampoo and condition the hair according to a medically reviewed article by Health Line, is to shampoo before conditioner as shampoos are designed to removed sweat, dead skin cells and hair products, while conditioner makes the hair softer and easier to manage, as well as protecting hair shafts from damage.

A great way to shampoo the hair is with a scalp brush. The Bondi Boost Scalp Brush for $29.99 is an amazing product to help lather shampoo and massage the scalp, promoting scalp health.

The Beauté Pacifique hair mask for $73, shampoo for $38 and conditioner for $38 are three great products for hair and scalp care, designed for normal and dry hair, or fine hair. 

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