Which Is The Best At-Home LED Mask?

From Luxury to Luxe for Less, we road tested three LED face masks and the results are in.

There is no substitute for a clinical treatment of LED on the face, but there are some fabulous at-home masks available.

Crystal Patel, managing director of Sydney-based Laser Skin and Laser Clinic says LED face masks are good at-home treatments for minor skin concerns and to maintain the skin between clinical treatments.

“Unfortunately as there are no real clinical trials with at home LED face masks, as such with many professional skincare at home treatments, it can be tricky to really ascertain how well they work”, she explains. 

“I like the concept of sitting down and resting whilst you’re using the LED mask at home, which is a form of self-care and may even prompt someone to adopt better care methods of their skin in general.”

Check out these three at home LED face Masks, from Luxury to Luxe for Less, perfect for treating minor skin concerns at home, and for more on whether LED masks work, click here:

Our Top Pick – Luxe LED Mask

Omnilux Contour LED Light Therapy Mask RRP $949

This incredible LED mask is the latest addition to the Omnilux family of LED light therapy products. Omnilux are the global pioneers of LED light therapy, so the technology behind this mask is first rate.

The Contour mask enables professional-grade anti-aging skin treatments at home, based on the same high quality medical-grade LED technology you find in a clinic.

The Contour FACE is sleek and affordable (given the regular cost of Omnilux treatments) and thanks to the easy-to-use new design, it contours perfectly to every face. It uses two light features, red and white.

The two wavelengths of LED light – red (633nm) and infrared (830nm) – are delivered in a single treatment session to provide the full rejuvenating and anti-aging benefits of both proven wavelengths.

Being flexible it can be draped over any part of the body including the back or legs to ease muscle tension.

The added bonus is the seretonin boost, which gives a mental health lift at any time of the day.

Click here for a more detailed review.

Rated: 9.5/10 as the mask gives real results with respect to hydration and skin plumpness, is calming, and easy to use.

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Our Top Pick – Luxe for Less LED Masks

PeppyCo Light Therapy Mask RRP $179

This mask features the colours of Red, Blue and Yellow for light treatment and you will see results within a week of using this mask. It includes black out sunglasses which have been built into the LED mask, so it’s easy to wear and relax whilst wearing throughout the treatment. This mask also has an inbuilt timer, so it will automatically switch off after ten minutes.

The timer and blackout sunglasses are the highlight of this product. You can easily kick back and close your eyes with piece of mind, knowing the mask will switch off when the time is up and your eyes are protecting from any penetrating LED light from the mask.

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Rated: 8/10 due to the blackout sunglasses which protects the eyes. It would be nice if the USB cable was a little bit longer to account for laying in bed and accessibility to plug into a USB charger or power outlet.

Lux Skin LED Rejuvenation Wand RRP $49

This is a great alternative for anyone not wanting to cover their entire face with a LED mask and would prefer to only treat specific skincare concerns and areas of the face. And it also gives you the flexibility of changing the LED colour for treating those areas of the face.

It’s a hand held device, so you can move around your face and treat concerning areas, or your whole face if you wish. The device is perfect for treating oily t-zone skin types, as you can alternate the light treatments for different areas, targeting concerns better. 

For example, you can use the blue function where skin is oily and has blemishes. And use the red colour where the skin is dry and has fine lines. There is also an additional light colour feature – pink, which is used to help whiten skin.

Rating: 9/10 as the device gives you the ability to really target problem areas of the skin using different LED light therapies in one treatment.

About LED At- Home Masks:

Each LED mask will have the following coloured lights; yellow, blue and red. Each colour represents a specific wavelength.

The wavelength measures the depth that the light penetrates and this will determine what this colour targets on the skin.

Red light is used to create a good amount of blood flow in the skin. It gives you an amazing glow and a plumping effect. It makes the perfect pre event treatment due to its rejuvenation benefits.

Blue light has a shorter wavelength and has an oxygenating effect on the skin, which targets the p.acne bacteria, making it an effective treatment for acne sufferers. – note; this colour can temporarily enhance your natural pigmentation in the skin. Most people find they look freckly immediately after.

Yellow light is the deepest wavelength of them all. This light penetrates all the way to the dermis and can even reach our bone tissue, helping with pain management. This is the most effective for collagen production and wound healing. We often recommend this colour for patients who struggle with eczema, psoriasis and compromised skin.

There are also a variety of LED masks (both at home and clinical) which have a Green Light function and a Pink Light function. 

Green light creates homeostasis in the skin and inhibits excess pigmentation from creeping up to the surface. Gradually you can see improvements in discolouration.

Homeostasis is the state of steady internal, physical, and chemical conditions maintained by living systems. This is the condition of optimal functioning for the organism and includes many variables, such as body temperature and fluid balance, being kept within certain pre-set limits.

Pink light will brighten and whiten skin completion and is perfect for helping get rid of dark spots, especially dark circles around the eyes.

And what are the differences between an at home LED mask to a clinical machine?

Crystal says it the power of the lights. At home masks simply don’t generate enough power for the lights to effectively treat major skin concerns, compared to what a clinical LED therapy mask. 

“I’ve had my Lutronic Healite II in my clinic for many years now. It is the only TGA approved medical grade LED device in Australia. We include it in most of our rejuvenation and revision treatments or even as a stand-alone treatment and clients absolutely love the results and also the experience. 

You will feel a beautiful warming sensation during treatment due to its energy output and how fast that energy is delivered.

It will accelerate the healing and collagen enhancing process as well as creating homeostasis – a calm and happy environment in your skin. Although we always suggest a course of ten treatments for best results, a noticeable improvement can be seen in one thirteen minute session.

One of the biggest differences is the amount of globes on each device. An LED mask will generally have around 100 globes; where as a professional device has roughly 1800, which means you will be getting a tiny fraction of light compared to a professional treatment.

LED masks are shaped for the face only which means you are limited to where you can use the mask. Ours and most devices can be tapered to any face and body area, which is great news for those that would like to improve collagen on the neck and décolletage or to address acne on the chest and back.”

However, there is no cause for concern that your LED mask may not be working for you at home, as they are both safe to use, and as mentioned perfect for up keeping the skin to keep it hydrated, nourished and clear when using the right types of other skincare products at home with the LED treatment between clinical treatments.

“LED (light emitting diode) is a low level light that uses non ionising radiation, this means it has enough energy to change or vibrate an atom but not enough to cause any DNA changes to our cells which can lead to cancer.

When it comes to safety I would be prioritising awareness to the manufacturing and the government approval of the mask. I would advise not to buy from overseas and stick to reputable brands.

Neutrogena had a product recall for their LED mask as there were reports of eye injury. As our device sits 15 cm above the face, it is easy for us to apply eye protection and prevent vision problems. Overall, I would say LED masks are safe to use as long as there is eye protection for blue and red light especially”, Crystals tells us.

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