London’s Jeremy Goring On The Future Of Luxury Travel

The Goring, London

The Goring Hotel’s CEO Jeremy Goring speaks to Renae on the new podcast series, Where To From Here about the future of luxury travel.

In this sensational podcast episode, Renae speaks to celebrated Hotelier Jeremy Goring, CEO of The Goring Hotel, London about what is happening in London’s world of luxury, and what the future of travel is in Europe.

The Goring Hotel is one of London’s most glamorous, yet traditional places to stay.

The Garden at London's Goring Hotel is one of London's Biggest and Most Beautiful.
The Garden at London’s Goring Hotel is one of London’s Biggest and Most Beautiful.

It is a favourite with the British Royal Family, and The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, spent the night before her wedding in the hotel’s opulent Royal Suite.

The Goring is one of the last and only family owned hotels in the UK, it has the feel of a grand private country house, within the heart of London’s Belgravia. Jeremy is one of the most creative Hotel General Managers in the business.

The Goring, London
The Goring is quintessentilly English.

This summer during London’s post pandemic celebrations, he introduced “Teddy The Shetland Pony” to the Goring Hotel’s family, building him a home in the hotels largest garden. The hotel’s main restaurant, “The Dining Room” has a Michelin Star.

Jeremy talks about the upcoming Christmas at the hotel he affectionately calls “The G-banger”, and reveals where he wants to travel as soon as he possibly can.

Inside London's Goring Hotel
London’s Goring Hotel is an English institution.

As one of London’s leading Hoteliers, and having worked in various global locations including Sydney, Australia, Jeremy gives his exclusive insights into the world of luxury travel’s present and future, and explains what it takes to bring a 5-star hotel to the next level.

He also opens up about his personal philanthropic passion, Hotel School, creating jobs in hospitality for London’s homeless.

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