Visit Your Dream Destination Through These Fragrances

create your dream holiday using fragrances

Global fragrances are one way to bring your dream destination a little closer.

Whether your dream destination is the elegance and style of Capri, meditation in Ubud, a weekend in the Middle East or skiing in Japan, we have the perfect fragrances, both for the home and for your body, to will whisk you away to your dream holiday.

Our dream destinations are not reachable from Australia just now, but the right fragrances can help bring them closer.

For the Home:

Kiyoshi Alcyon Teardrop Ultrasonic Diffuser RRP $119

Dream Destination: Mumbai, India

Acting as both a Himalayan salt lamp and an oil diffuser, this ambient device is a stunning feature in your home, as it provides a beautiful soft orange glow from the internal lamp when you’re not using the diffuser.

When used as a diffuser, it will slowly emit soft waves of fragrance from the top part of the device which works to create the most peaceful and restful space within your home as the lamp glows whilst diffuser soft and stress-free assisting scents.

To create the scent of Bali, blend the following oils together – 5 drops of each should do it.

Hint: If you find a scent of one of your oils too sweet, you can blend in and add in a few drops of Lavender or Sandalwood to deepen the fragrance and reduce the floral scent a bit.

Diptyque Electric Wall Diffuser RRP $178

Dream Destination: The Cotswolds, UK

Available at MECCA stores only across Australia, this new decorative and very practical diffuser has been designed with intuitive design. You simply touch the diffuser anywhere on the vent to switch the device on and off.

You can also use this device in a variety of locations around the world, as it comes with three different adapting sockets (Australia and US included), making it ideal for travel. It will automatically run for three hours before switching off automatically and can cover a 25 m² area.

To capture the essence of England in the summer, as you stroll through the rose garden of Sissinghurst Castle in Kent, use the Dyptique Roses Capsule Refill RRP $62

Hint: The diffuser uses cartridges to diffuse, rather than actual oils, which also makes it easy to take when travelling. You will need to buy these separately, as they do not come with the device.

Lumira Balinese Ylang Ylang Candle RRP $70

Dream Destination: Ubud, Bali

Inspired by the tropical warmth of Bali, this candle is an ode to sensuality and romance. It harnesses the aphrodisiac properties of the golden ylang ylang flower, traditionally worn by Indonesian brides.

Embodied with the scents of jasmine, black orchid and a combination of intoxicating spices, Balinese ylang ylang is an intense and rich fragranced candle which is truly intoxicating. It will make any space feel warm, calm and full of energy.

Scent Tip: This candle is best burned at night time. Especially if you are staying in for an intimate dinner for two. The scent is erotic, sensual and pleasing.

Palm Beach Sea Salt Candle RRP $42.95 and the Palm Beach Coconut and Lime Candle RRP $42.95

Dream Destination: Paradise Island, The Bahamas

Let your senses drift off to the Bahamas with these gorgeous fragrances from Palm Beach. Whatever tropical destination is your flavour, these two candles by Palm Beach are sure to send you there within a minute of you lighting them.

The names of these two candles are fairly self-explanatory. Sea Salt captures the essence of snorkelling in crystal blue water, sun baking on white sandy beaches. Whilst Coconut & Lime encapsulates balmy sunset island nights sipping Pina Coladas in freshly cut coconuts.

Hint: To make your candles burn longer and last longer, you should always chop the top of the wick off before burning. This goes for the first burn and every one after that.

For the Body:

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 Body Oil RRP $133

Dream Destination: Champs Elysees, Paris

Baccarat Rouge 540 is the epitome of spring, one of the most opulent and expensive unisex fragrances in the world right now.

The non-greasy scented body oil 70ml is a more affordable way to enjoy this rich, seductive concoction of joy. The EDP starts at $330, so this is a much more reasonable price point.

Not all fragrances have to be diffused or sprayed onto clothing. Some scents can be enjoyed through body oils and moisturisers, something not all that common in Australia.

This luxuriously classic Oriental Floral body oil by French perfumer Maison Francis is one of the world’s best.

This scented body oil is a seductive yet rich fragrance of ambergris and cedar wood, with notes of saffron and jasmine. The oil is non-greasy but moisturising blend of argan, sweet almond and apricot kernel oil, which will both soften and smooth skin.

Scent Hint: Can be used in the AM and the PM, but best used and applied to skin after washing and exfoliating. If you have recently tanned (either from a bottle of via the sun), this oil will enhance your tan with a natural glow for a simply stunning goddess look.

Click here for the incredible global range of Trussardi fragrances:

Angel Nova by Mugler 30ml RRP $99

Dream Destination: Malibu, Los Angeles

Thierry Mugler is well known for his mystical, unique and interesting scents, also reflected in his fashion designs.

Angel Nova is NEW to the range and remains true to the other worldly scents in the range.

This fragrance is sweet, and succulent.

Made from a variety of fruity and floral notes such as raspberries, roses and Akigalawood. It’s a feminine scent and perfect for creating a star lit summer vacay with a walk along Hollywood’s Boulevard on a balmy summer evening.

Scent Tip: Spray a cloud of this fragrance in front of you and then walk through it, so the fragrance will dress both your clothes and body. This prevents overspray of the strong scent, giving you subtle fragrance of sexy instead.

Valentino Voce Viva 30ml RRP $99

Dream Destination: Puglia, Italy

Take a stroll along the Faraglioni beach of Capri Island, Italy with this delightful fragrance.

Created using notes of Italian Bergamot, and softened by sweet and juicy mandarin, this fragrance is a couture scent of opulence with the inclusion of orange blossom absolute and golden gardenia.

It’s deep, it’s sexy and perfect for evening when you want to channel your inner Italian Diva. Match it with a hot red lipstick and watch heads turn as you waft past.

Scent Tip: This is a rich scent, making it heavy for the day time. However, if you do have plans for a sexy hot date day (rather than date night) then this is the fragrance you’ll want to wear.

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Dew 30ml RRP $100

Dream Destination: Kyoto, Japan

Sugar and spice and all things nice, this fragrance is a sweet musky scent sending you to Japan in Spring, when all the orange blossoms are blooming with pink and white flowers.

Flowerbomb Dew is a floriental musky perfume for women, an olfactory bomb of fresh flowers designed around a Dewy Rose Accord.

It’s dewy and delicate and makes the perfect second skin on a warm summers day. It’s feminine and heartwarming in scent. However, if sweet is not your thing then this is possibly not the scent for you.

Scent Hint: One spray is enough. Spray too much and the sweetness can be a little consuming.

Lumira Arabian Oud Eau de Parfum RRP $135

Dream Destination: Dubai, United Emirates

Inspired by the Middle East, this amazing fragrance created in Australia is a dance between dignified oud and powdery rose. It is luxurious and a scent when worn, which will drift you off to the Arabian desert.

It perfectly captures the opulence of the middle east, made with citrus notes which have been blended with powdery rose, sandalwood and patchouli.

It’s a rich scent with a sweet aftertaste, leaving a lingering imprint on the skin.

Scent Tip: This scent is perfect for night time and will make heads turn when you wear it. The rich, but decedant scent of the Middle East will send onlookers into a dream like state of desert safaris and cruises on the Nile.

Guess Bella Vita Eau De Parfum RRP $69

Dream Destination: Budapest, Hungary

This stunning fragrance is NEW by Guess had been designed with confidence in mind. Think elegance, sensuality and femininity all at the same time.

With notes of black cherry, tuberose and tonka bean you will be whisked to the old world charm of the ancient city of Budapest.

Imagine sitting in a small cafe on the corner of an old alleyway, where spring flowers dot the window frames of ancient apartments.

Scent Tip: This fragrance is infused with fruity floral oriental notes, creating a deep scent of exotic senses and best suited for lovers of strong and deep noted scents.

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