Unlock Ageless Beauty at Belameres Double Bay, Sydney’s Premier Skincare Sanctuary

Experience Holistic Rejuvenation with Master Skin Guru Carina at Belameres. Dive into Exclusive Facial Treatments in Sydney’s Double Bay

This facialist and particularly this beauty salon Belameres is one of Sydney’s best kept secrets, but I was lucky enough to discover it this week.

Nestled in the heart of Double Bay, Sydney, Belameres offers an unparalleled skincare experience tailored for the discerning women of Sydney, especially those over 35. Treatments are results driven, skin actually improves exponentially over time.

Established by skincare specialist Carina, Gross she brings over two decades of experience to this treatment and she is also the driving force behind Belameres.

Carina is recognised as the go-to skin guru for Sydney’s elite, her holistic approach to skincare is revolutionary, and I love that she believes in nurturing the skin both externally and internally.

She is an advocate of the right collagen supplements, as well as daily nutrition and she says one of the best things we can do for our skin and body is swimming in the ocean every day fist thing in the morning.

To me this two hour luxury treatment feels like science meeting luxury, to create a super powerful transformative facial.

The Fairy Dust Treatment is quite different, and a unique blend of advanced skincare techniques and nature’s finest ingredients.

It is transformative and harnesses the power of low-level lasers, seamlessly infusing micronised hyaluronic acid into the skin.

Starting with a thorough cleansing, exfoliation, and neutralisation – occasionally inclusive of manual extractions – this treatment ensures your skin is primed to receive the best. It tightens the skin, stimulates circulation and the lymph system, can prevents fine lines and wrinkles and tightens the skin.

It is so relaxing it even activates the parasympathetic nervous system and decreases stress. The day I went it was particularly cold in Sydney and the warmth of an electric blanket beneath me was heavenly.

Renae with Carla at Balameres, Double Bay.

With a special allergen-free, preservative-free, and additive-free HA gel, skin is guaranteed to radiate a dewy glow post-treatment. So it is perfect before a special occasion like a wedding or trip away..

Ideal for regular hydration boosts, it’s a perfect fit for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

Plus, it’s non-invasive and safe for expecting and breastfeeding mothers. I loved this treatment and left feeling beautifully relaxed, clam and radiant.

Another positive at this salon is their ultra sound scan which can help clients monitor their skin’s changes and improvements. They recommend the beauty brand Beaute Pacifique for at home care – a brand I have personally used for over two decades and absolutely love. This is a results driven salon to invest in in eveey sense of the word.

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