Unique Places To Stay In Tasmania

Freycinet Tasmania

Tasmania is home to many natural beauties, and the accommodation is nothing short of spectacular.

The small island state of Tasmania boasts many magazine-ready sights, but the places available to stay along the way are a luxurious experience within themselves.

Some lodgings are so spectacular that people travel to Tasmania simply to stay at these accommodations, but there are many beautiful natural experiences to have outside these luxury stays. Read our story on What You Must Not Miss in Tasmania here.

There is plenty of choice when it comes to types of accommodation, from luxury resorts to private islands. Some of the stays below also offer unique experiences, from dining on oysters fresh from the sea on a table in the shallows to beekeeping.

Tasting fresh oysters in the shallows
Tasting fresh oysters in the shallows.

Here are our selections for the most sensational places to stay in Tasmania.

Pumphouse Point:

Located in the Central Highlands 150 minutes from Hobart is Pumphouse Point. Pumphouse Point is an industrial building in the middle of Lake St Clair transformed into a hotel, accessible by a jetty. There are rooms and restaurants located inside the industrial building on the lake and also on land by the lake’s shore.

It is one of the country’s best placed accommodations, boasting 18 rooms, 2 restaurants (and the guest rooms have stocked larders), incredible lake views and local gourmet food.

They also have an adult only policy, so expect to hear only the sounds of the lake lapping at the building. Prices range from $350-720 per night.

Pumphouse point in Tasmania
Pumphouse Point.
Inside Pumphouse Point Accommodation
Inside Pumphouse Point accommodation.

Captain’s Cottage

Captain’s Cottage is a heritage listed one bedroom cottage originally built for a ship’s captain in the 1800s. It has been revamped into boho chic accommodation complete with free wifi and Netflix. It is close to the city’s CBD and Salamanca area and priced at $217 per night.

MONA and MACq 01 are also tipped as secluded, boutique, 5 star stays in Hobart. 

MACQ01 accommodation in hobart
MACQ01 hotel in Hobart

Freycinet Lodge:

Freycinet Lodge is one of Tasmania’s most luxurious hotels nestled in Coles Bay national park surrounded by picturesque bays and mountain ranges.

It has over 8 different kinds of rooms of varying sizes and features ranging in price from $270-700 per night.

The lodge is a 2h40min drive from Hobart and has 3 restaurants to choose from. They offer bay cruises, scenic flights, sea kayaking and even a chance to enjoy oysters straight out of the water whilst dining at a table in the shallows.

This accommodation has won many awards, including those for state tourism and Australian Good Food Guide. 

Saffire Freycinet

Saffire Freycinet has received awards from Luxury Travel Magazine Gold List in 2018 and QANTAS Australia Tourism Awards. This deluxe lodge is located on the stunning east coast at Coles Bay, a 2h40min drive from Hobart.

They offer spa and local produce experiences, such as beekeeping. The three suites are priced from $2100-2800 per night, and have various features such as stunning views and private pools. There are three dining options, from luxury restaurants to dine in.

Saffire lodge at freycinet in Tasmania


On the east coast of Tasmania, Piermont is a hidden gem nestled near Swansea (1h40min from Hobart), with views Great Oyster Bay.

This is the perfect peaceful getaway, with private beaches and a restaurant serving local produce, such as oysters and wallaby.

There are five deluxe suites available and a restaurant full of the freshest local produce. Prices range from $295-495 per night.

Satellite Island

Satellite Island is a private island to the south of the state with secluded accommodation. This is ideal for getting to know the Tasmanian coast up close and privately.

Located in the south of Tasmania, this island is accessible by boat, helicopter or car (1h40min drive). To hire the island exclusively, prices begin at $2050 per night and increase at $300pp, this price includes gourmet food and activity equipment.

Satellite island accommodation east coast Tasmania

The perfect way to get to know Tasmania is to mix the indulgent local produce with the natural beauty of the wilderness, which is why it is becoming a travel list staple within Australia.

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