Tom Ford uses the F bomb in the name of his new fragrance

Yep, if anyone can get away with this, he can. Tom Ford has used the F bomb in the name of his new fragrance range.

I am not sure if this is a new high or low for the beauty industry, but if you’re having your moment, Tom Ford has just launched his new  fragrance, Fucking Fabulous,  which could just be for you.

And it already has everyone talking (of course darling!).

I mean, if you think you’re pretty F’n fabulous, then this fragrance, my dear is for you.

Tom Ford really is pretty fabulous.

Reminds of me of a few other bold and bashful  names that have caused controversy in the beauty industry, including anatomicals ‘giving good head’ deep conditioning coconut and honey hair mask, NARS The Multiple in-G Spot, and MAC’S basic bitch palette to name a few.

Packaged in slick black, the fragrance is limited edition for Autumn (US and UK market) and is aimed at the male market, although most of his fragrances are unisex. It will be launched  TOMORROW by Tom Ford at New York Fashion week and be available online straight away.

Anatomicals giving good head deep conditioning coconut and honey hair mask has certainly turned heads due to its name.

Notes are bold and smooth and include clary sage oil, vanilla, amber and almond bitter oil, so  it is sexy, sultry and gorgeous for evening, perfect for girls like us, is my guess.

It’s super pricey – US$630 for 250ml, but I reckon it will be sold out within hours.

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