Miranda Kerr’s brother taking organic to the masses

Hot on the heels of his famous model sister, Matty Kerr and his partner Jimmy Kerr are taking organic to the masses.

Renae and Matty Kerr talking all things organic at Nanna Kerr’s Kitchen in the Hunter Valley.

The pair has opened Nanna Kerr’s Kitchen, a stunningly relaxed but still upmarket restaurant serving mostly organic gourmet food, and organic drinks, with some of the most beautiful views of the spectacular Hunter Valley vineyards.

A restaurant room with 6 small windows, a wooden floor and wooden pillars for walls.

The relaxed setting at Nanna Kerr’s Kitchen in the Hunter Valley. Pic By Hareth Tayem

Open for breakfast, lunch & dinner, the wholesome, nurturing organic menu changes frequently to accommodate the changing seasons and fresh vegetables, and includes certified organic beer, wine, and soft drinks.

“We’re trying to get the message out that organic, be it food, beauty or household products, should be a staple in every household. Organic is a healthier, cleaner product, it should be a go-to, ” Matty explains.

It was Matty and Miranda’s grandmother who was the inspiration for the restaurant as she served organic to her grandchildren at their Gunnedah property when they were growing up.

Matty and Jimmy Kerr, the founders of Nanna Kerr’s Restaurant in the Hunter Valley, serving mostly organic, local food, wine and drinks. Pic By Hareth Tayem

“We’ve been eating organic since we were 10 because of our nan & pop in Gunnedah who had their own vegetable garden,” Matty explains.

“Organic is a no-brainer, it has to be better for the body, as it has no pesticides and no other nasty chemicals in it. Here in the Hunter, the soil is regularly tested to ensure there are no chemicals and the grapes are 100% organic. It is a real process, but it is worth it.

The food at Nanna Kerr’s Kitchen is mostly organic, and delicious. Pic By Hareth Tayem

“The majority of fruit and vegetables sold in Australia are sprayed with multiple chemicals. Strawberries, for example, are sprayed with a strong gas containing high levels of sulphur; it is the same with grapes. We want Australians to seriously think about what they eat and the products they use. In our restaurant, we serve as much organic food and drink as we can.”

The pair’s motto in the restaurant is “made with love”, which sits on a plaque next to a gorgeous image of Matty and Miranda’s grandparents.

And like his famous model sister, Matty is ambitious, but genuine is his ambitions to change the way people eat and think about organic food: “We eventually want to expand our restaurants to other wine country regions, and have six or seven outlets of Nanna Kerr’s Kitchen going in wine areas all over the country,” he says.

“Our ultimate dream is to buy a larger property and put cabins in, as well as a large organic farm site & run it as a health retreat with an organic restaurant there too.”

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