The World’s Most Luxurious Train Rides

These are Some Of The World’s Most Luxurious Train Rides

Travelling by train is a unique and exciting experience, but travelling in high class luxury offers a whole new level of comfort and indulgence.

Historically, luxury train rides were adored by Kings, Queens and high profile gentry. Today luxury train travel is an experience to be savoured – and is not cheap.

Many of these train rides are exclusively for the very wealthy even by today’s standards but they do offer a once in a lifetime, bucket list chance to see the world in a very different way and to socialise with some fantastic people, all of whom love luxury travel.

Luxury Train Rides are a luxury indulgence from a bygone era.

Travelling on any of these luxurious train rides is an experience that should be on everyone’s bucket list.

From the opulently designed sleeping cabins to the gourmet dining experiences and upscale fit-outs these trains are beautiful.

As well as stunning views, these train rides offer a unique and unforgettable journey that is sure to leave you feeling pampered and relaxed. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride of a lifetime aboard the world’s most luxurious trains.

These are some of the world’s most luxurious train rides, where you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey in style.

The Belmond Venice-Simplon Orient Express

Belmond’s Venice-Simplon, Orient Express:

The Orient Express is one of the most famous and luxurious train rides in the world and feels a bit like travelling in a museum piece. You can pretend you are in an Agatha Christie movie as you ride through the magnificent European country side.

It has been running for over a century and offers a journey through some of the most beautiful scenery in Europe.

The train features lavishly designed cabins, elegant dining cars, and an attentive staff who cater to your every need.

The Belmond Royal Scotsman train

The Belmond Royal Scotsman:

The Royal Scotsman is bursting with style – and whiskey (over 60 are on board to be precise). This luxury train begins at the magnificent Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh, and travels through the breathtaking Scottish west coast.

The train can carry up to 40 guests in 10 vintage inspired cars featuring comfortable cabins, a spacious observation car with large comfy chairs, sofas and an open-air verandah. The gourmet dining experience with some of Scotland’s finest cuisine and musicians perform in the evenings creating a wonderful atmosphere rich with life and laughter.

The Golden Eagle Trans Siberian Express Luxury Train Ride

The Golden Eagle Trans Siberian Express:

The Golden Eagle is a luxury train that takes you on a journey through Russia and Central Asia. The Trans-Siberian and Trans-Mongolain departures are currently suspended due to the war in the Ukraine and sanctions in Russia.

Usually it connects the east and west from Moscow and offers a somewhat mysterious and striking rail journey including views of the untouched Siberia, and part of the journey involves visiting the local communities along the way.

The train features luxurious cabins, fine dining, and a stunning observation car that offers panoramic views of the stunning scenery.

The Blue Train that travels through South Africa.

The Blue Train:

The Blue Train is another great train journey that is currently suspended and being re-invigorated. The journey immerses travellers in a bygone era of old world glamour and charm.

It is a luxurious train that runs through South Africa, travelling to South Africa’s Limpopo Province between Pretoria and Cape Town. It offers a jaw dropping journey through stunning African landscapes, from the savannah to the mountains.

The train features opulent cabins with vintage decor, world-class cuisine, and an attentive staff that caters to your every need.

The ultra luxury and pricey Maharajah’s express in India

The Maharajas’ Express: India

The Maharajas’ Express offers the most expensive train trip in the world. It is the flagship luxury train of Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation, the newest luxury train in India. It has four routes and is a luxury train that takes you on a journey through India’s most iconic destinations, including the Taj Mahal and Jaipur.

The train features a plush presidential suite at a cost of around US$3300 per night, as well as generous junior suites and luxurious cabins. There is a spectacular gourmet dining experience in richly scored dining car, and an observation car that offers breathtaking views of the Indian countryside.

It has won multiple world travel awards and seven stars luxury awards.

The Belmond Andean Explorer takes luxury travellers through South America and tot he Pacific Coast.

The Belmond Andean Explorer:

The Belmond Andean Explorer is a striking luxury train that takes you on a journey through the stunning landscapes of Peru, from the Andes to the Pacific coast.

In typical Belmond style, service is extraordinary, there are curated tours, food is first class, there is a serene spa on board with gorgeous treatments and there is entertainment the whole way including fantastic live music.

The train features luxurious cabins, elegant gourmet dining, and an open air observation car that offers panoramic views of the breathtaking scenery.

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