The Best Sustainable Sneakers For Travel

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These are the best sustainable sneakers we have found for travel.

Not only will your feet love you for wearing sneakers, you will also enjoy your holiday more, as you will walk further, and be super comfortable.

As exciting as travel is, it can take a toll on the body, especially your feet. Whether you’re walking the streets of Rome all day exploring or running to catch a train, or nursing swollen ankles mid-flight, the right pair of travel sneakers makes the whole experience so much more enjoyable. 

For maximum comfort and the ability to walk and explore all day from the city streets to mountains and country trails, sneakers are the only shoe to travel in that can last the distance and cover all terrains – and even work best when cycling. However not all sneakers are created equal.

What to look for in a good quality travel sneaker:

The number one benefit of wearing sneakers when travelling is support. If you are going to be walking a lot at your travel destination, a light-weight sneaker with a good sturdy base, and well-cushioned arch support will help absorb the natural impact of being on your feet. 

The extra cushion and arch support will also allow for better distribution of your body weight when standing for long periods of time. Standing on London’s overland trains during peak hour can be tiring, let alone climbing the myriad of stairs at some of the stations. Even the ritziest of sights demand a lot of walking from The Vatican to The Acropolis and Staton Island Ferry in New York.

It’s also essential with all the walking you will do whilst travelling, and the extended time you’ll be wearing your sneakers, they are also breathable. 

When selecting your travel sneaker, ensure you pick something that is made with breathable fabrics such as bamboo or organic cottons.

And ideally choose a sneaker that’s also sustainable.

Did you know the average sole of a sneaker can take more than 50 years to degrade in landfill?

Especially mainstream brand sneakers made from ethylene-vinyl acetate, which is used in a lot of shock absorbing sneakers. 

According to the US Department of the Interior, Americans alone throw out at least 300 million pairs of sneakers each year. That’s almost a set of sneakers per person in America.

Since 2019, one of the most popular sneakers for travel has been the Cariuma Ibi sneaker and the brand continues to earn major buzz thanks to celebrities like Helen Mirren, Naomi Watts and Robert Downey Jnr, who sports these sneakers when on route to their favourite holiday destination.

Since 2019, over 20,000 people have put their names on the waitlist, whenever the Ibu sells out (and it sells out all the time).

The sneakers are crafted from a mix of self-regenerating bamboo, and Cariuma is the first brand to turn bamboo into a high-performance shoe fabrication and recycled plastic bottles. 

They aren’t just easy on the environment, they’re easy on the eyes, too. 

They feature a minimalist design with an on-trend platform-like sole that’s made from recycled sugarcane.

Another Cariuma favourite is the Oca Low Leather Sneaker.. 

Between their reputation for being comfy, their sleek look, and their eco-friendly construction, the leather shoes deserve a spot in your suitcase and will prove to be the best travel companion — if you can get your hands on them, that is. They sell really really fast.

Their rubber outsoles boost their durability while giving the Oca Low Leather Sneakers a stable foundation, providing the wearer with a peace of mind that they can confidently navigate any surface in the shoes. 

The Cariuma shoes’ low-top profile hits right at the ankle and their lace-up design allows for a customizable and secure fit. What’s more, when you buy a pair of shoes, the brand plants two trees in the Brazilian rainforest. 

Here are 5 reasons you NEED to pack these Cariuma sneakers for your travels:

  1. They are seriously comfortable from the first wear. No blisters. Nothing. Makes sense since their insoles are crafted with a hybrid of memory foam and natural vegetable tanned leather, for optimal comfort.
  2. They are stylish with an old-school vibe but with new-school ethics. You can look good wearing them and feel good about wearing them.
  3. Cariuma values the environment and their craftsmen. They source high-quality materials and pay their craftsmen fair wages, all while providing safe working conditions.
  4. Often, sustainable, or ethical shoes are more expensive, but Cariuma offers classic and versatile sneakers at an affordable price point.
  5. The best part about Cariuma shoes is they are 100% carbon neutral. The shoe production AND the shipping.

Click HERE to shop the range now.

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