Portofino Has Banned Selfies

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The stunningly luxurious Italian town of Portofino has banned selfies.

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Beyonce may think twice about visiting Portofino in the Italian Riviera this summer after a shock announcement from the town’s Mayor Matteo Viacava.

The Mayor of Portofino has shocked tourists by announcing selfies in the most popular tourist spots – with the best views – are now banned for the summer season.

The claim is that tourists are blocking and clogging narrow thoroughfares making it impossible for daily life in the fishing village to take place there.

The mayor was quoted as saying tourists there have caused “anarchic chaos” with their selfie obsessions. As a result there are now “no selfie zones” that have been created within the town centre.

Italy’s Portofino has banned selfies.

Known as the “jewel of the Italian Rivera” for decades, it is one of the most popular locations for influencers and celebrities to go to take photos for social media.

If tourists violate the order they can be fined up to $500 on the spot. There are only 500 residents who live in the small town permanently, and most are fisherman.

But in the summer months tens of thousands of tourists flock there to enjoy the striking colourful buildings, stunning water views, luxury hotels, waterside restaurants and unique places to swim and relax. It is a location with the sleepy, old world feel of pasta restaurant and gelato shops next to some of there world’s’ most luxurious brands including Gucci, YSL, and Armani.

Portofino in Italy is a strikingly beautiful seaside town.

Portofino really is an instagrammer’s dream – until now.

This is the first time a mayor of an entire town has banned selfies. In the UK selfies are prohibited at locations like The Tower Of London for security reasons, as well as in the US at zoos or any location with wild animals, to protect the personal space of wildlife.

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