Surprising Luxe Skincare Must-Haves For Youthful Skin

Luxe Skincare Must-Haves

4 luxe skincare products you must try for youthful skin.

Traditional anti-ageing creams are no longer the benchmark for youthful skin. These 4 surprising skincare-saviours will ensure your skin is glowing and youthful just in time for Spring.

As we age, we can become fearful of developing fine lines, wrinkles, dry patches and even dull-looking skin. 

It is therefore extremely important to maintain a healthy skincare regime that nurtures and nourishes the skin to get the healthy-looking complexion you deserve.

Here are 4 left field essential skincare products you may not have conspired to help reduce the signs of ageing.

Ella Baché Botanical Cleansing Oil

Refreshed, ultra-soft and healthy.

RRP: $69

Best For: Dry/Combination Skin Types

Why it’s a weapon for ageing: the oil moisturises and softens the skin and when washed off, smooths fine lines without oil slick later in the day.

The Ella Baché Botanical Cleansing Oil is a plant-based cleanser that doubles as a makeup remover working to simultaneously rid of impurities and revitalise the skin. 

As this is an oil-based product, we recommend use by dry and combination skin types.

The product itself is a rich blend of a variety of oils produced from ingredients that work to regenerate ageing skin.

Nourishing oils extracted from argan plants and apricot kernels help  tighten, firm and tone whilst hemp seed oil works to relax fine lines and soften wrinkles.

This cleansing oil also uses the revitalising powers of antioxidant-rich ingredients such as cranberry and pomegranate oil which feed nutrients to the skin.

The formula is a lightweight consistency that easily glides across the face.

It has a distinct, fresh botanical scent with heavy, earthy undertones.

When combined with water, the cleanser emulsifies creating a slight foamy-like texture.

Using warm water to wash the product off, the skin will be left feeling refreshed, ultra-soft and most importantly healthy.

This product can be used twice daily.

Elizabeth Arden Micro Capsule Skin Replenishing Essence

Revitalise and lock in hydration.

RRP: $62

Best For: All skin types (shake before applying)

Why it’s a weapon for ageing: Replenishes fatigued, ageing skin that lacks vitality. Similar to famed SK-II Facial Treatment Essence.

The essence uses a powerful ceramide-based formula.

Ceramides are natural oils that strengthen the skin’s barrier in order to retain moisture.

When ceramide levels are low, there is a higher chance that the skin can become dry, itchy and irritable.

The product is suitable for all skin types and contains three key ingredients, orchid stem cells, red algae and Tsubaki oil ferment, that work together to revitalise and lock in hydration.

The Japanese orchid stem cells aid in skin luminosity and elasticity as they have strong antioxidant properties that encourage collagen production.

The use of red algae boosts the skin’s ceramide production by over 50% which in turn promotes moisture retention.

Lastly, the formula uses the microfluidic technology of Tsubaki oil ferment to condition the skin.

The product has a light, water-like texture that easily absorbs into the skin.

When using the essence, flip the bottle upside down and gently shake it to activate the formula.

Dispense a few drops into the palm of the hand and gently pat the product into the skin.

After application, the skin will feel significantly smoother and nourished, whilst appearing plumper and more luminous. 

This product should be used after cleansing the skin.

Mere Phytosphere Resilience 8 Bio-Illuminating Revival Oil

A nutrient boost and a dewy glow.

RRP: $62

Best For: Dry skin types

Why it’s a weapon for ageing: This powerful vegan emulsion will give your skin a nutrient-boost as well as a dewy glow.

It is compatible with all dry skin types and can be used in combination with moisturisers as well as makeup such as foundation or concealer.

The natural formula is infused with vitamin C, to promote skin rehabilitation and has a mixture of 8 natural oils that each play a part in brightening and protecting the skin.

The use of Coenzyme Q10 in this oil’s make up is vital because as we get older our naturally-produced levels of this antioxidant drop dramatically.

In using this bio-active within the formula the skin is able to reduce the effects of skin damage and harness the powers of cell regeneration.

The use of kukui oil in this product helps to lock in moisture and act as a layer of protection against free-radical damage whilst the prickly pear oil works to reduce and balance hyper-pigmentation.

This product comes in a small glass bottle and has a light, earthy fragrance. 

It is best to warm up a few drops of the oil between your fingers to activate the ingredients and then gently massage and press the oil into your skin. 

This formula is not greasy and instead, leaves the skin feeling youthfully radiant and nourished. 

Nu Skin Polishing Peel Skin Refiner

A polished, brighter appearance.

RRP: $63

Best for: All skin types

Why it’s a weapon for ageing: A polishing peel is an easy at-home alternative to an in-salon microdermabrasion treatment.

The product is recommended for all skin types, however sensitive skin types should use caution with patch testing first.

This product strays away from typical scrubs that use harsh exfoliating beads and instead using a unique formula that allows you to gently buff away dead skin in just a few minutes.

The core ingredient bentonite clay helps to draw out grime and pore debris, detoxifying the skin.

Pumpkin enzymes are another significant ingredient that works to promote collagen production, smoothing out and softening the skin’s surface.

The formula is a thick consistency, accompanied by a fresh, citrus-like scent.  

When applying, there should be an even, visible layer on the surface of the skin.

Wait for up to a minute and then start rubbing the product off in gentle circular motions. 

Make sure to do this step over the sink.

After buffing away the dead skin, use water to rinse off the excess product and pat dry.

The skin will immediately take on a more polished, brighter appearance and will feel incredibly smooth.

This product should be used at the most, 1-2 times a week.

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