Pilates Re-Invented: The Easiest Way to Tone Your Core.

A new fitness studio, Vive Active in Sydney’s Double Bay is re-inventing both our perception of pilates as well as the reality of a Pilates class, and isn’t that a sweet thing?

Gone are the days of those boring, slow, repetitive Pilates classes. Vive Active has completely revitalised the way pilates is done.

And amongst fitness circles this is being hailed as the next F45, the Paddington born fitness circuit classes currently sweeping the world.

This new fitness concept pairs pilates reformer exercise with amazing high intensity beats, a constantly changing next-gen lights show, 5 minutes of HIT per class and a NYC style mirrored studio.

Its reformer Pilates reimagined – and I love it.

Four fit girls in bright  fitness gear
Renae Leith-Manos with Louise Keats and two other Sydney fitness gurus trying out Vive Active, Double Bay

The concept is the brain child of Louise and John Keats, who have plans to open 10  of the one-concept pilates studios within 5 years.

There are 21 reformers in the studio, and there are mirrors on the ceiling, as well as the walls to make the room look and feel huge.

The lighting team from Elton John’s live concerts designed the amazing lights show, and the rockstar trainers are trained to push hard and no two classes are the same.

The 50 minute classes are just a lot of fun, and they go quickly thanks to the amazing tunes, and constant distractions learning the moves.

And merchandise can’t be bought, it’s earnt, depending on how many classes you go to – clever.

Three fitness coshes on steps with arms in the air.
The rockstar coaches at Vive Active Double Bay push the body.

Vive after dark is an additional concept about to start where a guest speaker is invited to have a chat over kambucha, who improves lives and inspires. This happens at night after the classes, and in a venue nearby.

The new studio just launched in Double Bay, it’s the second in Sydney. The first was on the northern beaches.

There are no long term memberships, and a range of payment options, including $69/week for 3 classes and $15 to top up.

This is yet another reminder of how Sydney and Australia is leading the world in new fitness trends – F45 is an example of a brand that has gone truly global, unbelievably fast, and Vive Fitness too, is set to take on the world.

To book a class at Vive active click here.

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