French Handbag Designer for Isadora Limare Reveals her Fashion Secrets

an interview with founder of Isadora Limare - French handbag designer

When in Paris recently, I met 34 year old french handbag designer Isadora Limare who has created hew own range of stunning leather handbags amongst the world of French fashion.

We sat down for a chat over coffee and croissants.

Paris Fashion: Isadora in Paris with one of her gorgeous handbags from her own French Fashion label, Isadora Limare.

Isadora is a stunning blonde Parisian who worked with some of France’s most luxurious brands in her capacity as a strategic media planner in a media agency. It was exposure to this high level of luxury and her own passion for fashion that led her to create her own brand, Isadora Limare.

Since I was a little girl, I’ve loved Fashion and Design. When I was 20 years old, I launched a collection “Jeunes createurs” (Young designers) at the Galeries Lafayette and that was an amazing experience. When I worked at the media agencies, my love and passion for Fashion and Design was always there.

That’s why I decided to start my own business and create my own French fashion label in leather design that reflects my personality.

My first collection’s name is “PRYSM” for women that are not only elegant, but also multi-tasking and focused on their priorities. She is that kind of modern “Wonder Woman”, similar to the idols of my youth.”

It has been a long process to establish her own brand. It took Isadora two years to set up her own company. “Creating your own fashion company is a long process and I did not know anything about the leather industry. It’s easy to appreciate a beautiful handbag, but to create and produce one is another story.

I’ve met “experts” in the fashion field at professional trade shows, and other wonderful people who opened their doors and were willing to share their “expertise” and passion with me, to better understand each step in the process of making a nice bag.

There’s so much to learn in this fascinating process that I have not finished’s very exciting.”

Isadora said the competitiveness of the fashion industry has driven her to create something very unique, in her first collection; “I wanted to offer something “different”. A handbag, is somehow a woman’s best friend, that she will never leave. That’s why I wanted a handbag that is not only beautiful, I also wanted something really NEW and functional with a smart-design.”

“I wanted a bag with multiple options, that can be personalised according to each moment and that is “responsible”. A PRYSM handbag can be worn in 6 different ways.I love matching colours and different textures and I wanted to use something very original, qualitative but also “ethical”: marine leather or “fish leather” that offers exceptional pattern’s and possibilities.”

And we may see her in Australia at some stage. I hope to come and visit a friend who used to be a professional dancer at the Lido and the Moulin Rouge in Paris..she is originally from Byron Bay in Australia and I would love to visit her there!!”

Isadora’s beautiful French bags can be bought in Australia online:

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