Opinion: Are you in a situationship?

Are you in a situationship and don’t even know it? Not possible, here is why.

When I googled the word “situationship”, I realised I am behind the times on this particular dating fad. I have just heard about it, but it is a global phenomenon that has been official for at least 2 years.

So what is it? It is basically a relationship without the commitment – and believe it or not it is women who tend to push for this type of commitment, oops, I mean non-committment. Quite possibly due to the rise of the ambitious, global woman, and the fact a lot of women today don’t want everything commitment brings with it.

Situationship even has a definition in urban dictionary; “A relationship that has no label..like a friendship but more than a friendship.. but not quite a relationship.”

Things might seem fine & like a regular relationship, but is it really a situationship?

A situationship is based on the premise that relationships can be complicated and hard af. Especially if you are divorced with children, they are also divorced with children, you both have busy careers and even worse – you live in different countries.

So the way these ‘situationships’ generally happen is that you start dating and it quickly becomes clear it’s seriously complex between you for any number of reasons. But you are attracted to each other on multiple levels, can communicate well – and (here’s the key) you are both honest with each other.

One or both of you may not even be looking for a serious relationship, but you are seriously attracted and you want the cream on the cake that goes with a full blown relationship  – great banter, hot dates and yes, sex.

But without living together, sharing financial commitments, family stuff and without the promise of a future or the stress of “why isn’t he/she texting”.

The terms of it can be negotiated between you – do you text each other? Give gifts? How often will you catch up? and so on.

But this is not an exclusive situation, it’s a momentary, convenient hook up of sorts that might go on for a long time – or not. So protection is a must.

But unlike a standard hook up you know the person pretty well, know what they want from life and relationships and know where you stand. 

Many singles are finding it is so difficult to meet someone for a permanent relationship, this kind of connection is apparently actually a great way to go to get a whole lot of needs met without the stress.

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