No Booze? The service of alcohol is being reduced or eliminated by many airlines.

woman in first class with meal tray in front of her

The service of alcohol is being reduced or even eliminated by many airlines at this time.

The fun is going out of many flights, as many airlines reduce the on-board service they are offering, some with no alcohol due to the Corona Virus Pandemic.

Yep, it’s true. Due to Covid-19 and the added risk with flight attendants being unnecessarily or overly exposed to passengers, many airlines have reduced or even stopped serving alcohol.

Currently all passengers have to wear masks on virtually every airline, and every flight, and the food and drink offerings have also been vastly reduced.

In-flight service has been minimalised to reduce the exposure of flight attendants to passengers.

On most carriers, water is offered only in sealed bottles 

Food is minimalist on most flights, with some airlines even asking passengers to bring their own. 

Others are serving meals only on pre-made trays. And in business class for some carriers, tablecoths and cutlery have gone and been replaced by economy style meal offerings, all on the one tray.

champagne glass in front of passenger window
Champagne and other alcohol is no longer on board many flights

The rules by airline for now:

Virgin Atlantic: No alcohol on flight at this time, and a single meal option with soft drinks and juices. Water and juice are available throughout flights.

British Airways: No alcoholic drinks in short-haul economy class (called “Euro Traveller”), instead offering customers bottled water and complimentary, light refreshments. 

Juices and hot drinks are on request.

Easy Jet: No food on offer only bottled water on request.

RyanAir; Alcohol is available, but not hot drinks. Food is limited to pre-packaged only.

woman at bar onboard flight
The way we were: On Board Bar Service Emirates.

Virgin Australia only has water and snacks on board, with no additional alcohol or food available fro purchase.

Delta Airlines: In America on delta airlines there is no alcohol on domestic flights, but is is available on international routes.

Cathay Pacific is offering a reduced alcohol service. This means the pre-flight on the ground alcohol service in business and first has gone, but you are able to have booze once the flight is off the ground.

KLM: Only passengers flying 9 hours or more are offered a hot meal, and there is no alcohol on board.

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