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Travel Tips: Mykonos Magic

Mykonos, the legendary Greek island is as good as it gets. For family, romance or solo, it’s the jewel in the crown on Greek islands, and my favourite.

The water is crystal clear, the air is fresh, the food stunning, and in a month you’d struggle to go to every restaurant and bar. Pack a bikini and shades and get ready for the ride of your life. From backpackers to the jet set, this island caters for everyone, and you can’t help but have an amazing time.

Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. Nammos: This is the most famous and luxurious beach club in Greece, some say the world. Located on Psarou beach, 20 years ago when I first went, this was the only place you could buy French champagne by the glass. Now you can buy it by the bottle and there is a choice of 10. Lunch here starts at 12 and finishes at 4am. Don’t bother going unless you’re prepared to dance on tables, meet someone famous, eat seafood and pay a huge bill. So much fun.

    Nammos in Mykonos is simply sensational.

  2. Paradise, Super Paradise: These beaches are reached by small fishing boats that leave from Platys Yialos every half hour or so in peak sunmer. The idea is you go for the day, pay for a chair on the beach and have lunch there for a change of scenery. The water is crystal clear, the people are glamorous, the air clean, and you can’t help but chill.  At night they turn into debaucherous party islands, but make sure you know which one is for gays, couples and which ones do and don’t require clothing. Wild.

    Renae at Solymar in Mykonos

  3. Solymar: Located on Kalo Livadi Beach, this uber trendy and relatively new spot combines a huge bar and restaurant where partying reigns supreme, overlooking a beautiful beach which you can wander down to by day. There are gorgeous cocktails and Asian/European fusion dishes. You can book a sun bed by day & it’s a gorgeous spot to watch the sun set.

    Solymar is the latest uber trendy spot to enjoy an upmarket meal overlooking the stunning waters of Mykonos.

  4. Kiki’s: A few years ago, no-one had heard of this spot, but it’s gaining momentum, maybe a bit too much as the ques can be long. You must arrive at 12 for lunch – they only do lunch. You put your name down and one of your party MUST wait by the entrance next to Vasilli, the local (rather large) Greek. There is a little beach nearby where you can swim whilst you wait the hour until the doors open. It’s a set menu, of various fresh salads, a piece of BBQ’d meat and flourless chocolate cake, only it’s the best damn food you will ever eat in your life, costs very little (say $60 for 4 people) and the view over the uninhabited surrounds is spectacular. Oh, and superb local dry white wine, no idea what it is, seems to be a local secret.

    Renae with her son overlooking the crystal clear waters of Mykonos.

  5. The town: Not withstanding the inflated prices for everything from a cup of coffee to an evening dress, the town has maintained a semblance of authenticity with while washed stone paths, small shops, friendly, people and gorgeous cocktail bars by night. Elegantly casual, and a great place to explore when you need a break from swimming sailing and tanning. It’s also a great place to watch the sunset from one of the many cocktail bars at the edge of the water.

    Mykonos town is a heady mix of cocktail bars, upmarket shopping and traditional white paved streets.

Renae and her daughter in a hotel lobby in Mykonos.

I could go on, but this is a place to find your own favourites. These are just a start. But just know dinner is best eaten late, the parties start around midnight and sleeping until at least 10am is, well mandatory. Despite this, it is still great for families, my kids love it.

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