Luxury French Swimwear Elise Garreau Is The Cult Swimwear Brand Of The European Summer 

The new Elise Garreau Swimwear 2022 Collection introduces a new generation of unique and fashionable swimsuits and clothes – a must-have this summer. 

The recent launch of Elise Garreau Swimwear 2022 collection has European fashionistas talking for the unique and stylish designs, that are luxurious and flattering both  in and out of the water.

This European couture brand was conceptualised by French-Australian designer, Elise Garreau who creates designs inspired by British textile designer William Morris and Czech painter, illustrator and graphic artist, Alfons Mucha. Garreau launched her brand in 2019.  

Elise Garreau arrived in Australia when she was a teenager and had her sites set on a career in fashion. She then completed her studies with a Bachelor of Fashion & Textiles from the University of Technology in Sydney. 

What separates Elise Garreau’s new 2022 collection is the swimwear’s bold fashion statements. The swimsuit’s signature embroidered ruffles and sophisticated patterns compliment the body and can be worn in the pool during the day, and out at night paired with flowy pants or a skirt. 

The collection is littered with 2-in-1 outfits that illuminate femininity either through a bikini or a one-piece. 

The new collection draws inspiration from the elegance of the French Belle Époque era (1852-1870) where features from  Art Nouveau  are evident in the swimwear line. 

Motifs including organic and geometric forms and designs resembling flora including vines and spring blossoms , and colours such as muted greens, browns, yellows, and blues are prominent in this art style and flow onto the resortwear collection. 

The Adele Shorts

Although the art style flourished during the 1890-1910, its designs still inspire architecture, interior design, jewellery and glass design today as well as posters, illustration, and now also swimwear. 

“We wanted to give a cultural content to make each garment a unique piece thanks also to the collaboration with Italian and French weavers, who have always been the best in the world, and to a passion for ancient books and architecture”, Elise Garreau told the Italian press, ANSA.  

The collection is made from natural and sustainable fibres. Several French local businesses support the brand’s creative process – from design to assembly, including the weaving and printing of fabrics.

The Black Marianne One Piece worn with a skirt

The swimwear collection is OEKO-TEX certified (The Oeko-Tex Association confirms the safety of textile products and leather articles from all stages of production. If approved as non-hazardous, the product has been tested and proven free from harmful and toxic substances). This ensures the swimsuit will last and not be adversely effected by chlorine damage.

Elise Garreau packaging is also made made from recycled materials including certified wood, water-based ink and and any plastic used is biodegradable.

The luxurious collection ranges from $132 to $512 Australian dollars (89 to 345 euros), which includes swimwear and clothing where every piece is unique and stylish.  

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