Luxe for Less Beauty in 2021

Luxe beauty products make you feel good however if they’re the only products in your beauty bag the cost starts to add up. 

With more and more great products emerging on the market, these are the best ones that feel luxe while having a cheaper price tag.

Tatcha Skincare is a Luxurious Brand Based on Japanese Skincare.

Tatcha The Dewy Skin Cream (RRP: $109.00)

This product screams luxury without the intimidating price tags of brands likes La Mer and La Prairie. Not only does this luxurious face cream provide your skin with glowing hydration (due to the anti-aging superfoods), the packaging is not to fault. The classy lilac glass container features a gold spatula to scoop product out. The Dewy Skin Cream will leave you with a youthful glow as well as some extra cash in your purse. 

Trinny London Creates Revolutionary Produts that Combine Health and Beauty.

Trinny London BFF De-Stress Tinted Serum (RRP: $75.00)

This serum is the first of its kind,  having both skincare and makeup properties The De-Stress Tinted Serum is your one-stop shop to providing a luxurious element to your routine thanks to the high-quality ingredients in the formula. The sleek silver tube can fit into any bag if you need to do your makeup on the go, otherwise, it looks perfect sitting on your vanity.

Kevyn Aucoin has a Range of Luxury Beauty Products.

Kevyn Aucoin The Volume Mascara (RRP: $45.00)

Kevyn Aucoin is a famous makeup artist that has developed his own luxury makeup line, making waves in the makeup industry. His collection consists of products that are luxurious, whilst also having a reasonable price tag (considering how high-quality his products are). The Volume Mascara is a tubing mascara (meaning it won’t smudge) that is perfect for day-to-night wear. With the iconic brown and gold packaging, it’s no wonder why this mascara feels so luxurious. This mascara is filled with jojoba oil making it the perfect multi-tasking product to also hydrate your lashes throughout the day.

sans[ceuticals] is a Haircare Brand like Nothing Else on the Market.

sans [ceuticals] pH + Shine Corrector (RRP: $46.00)

If you ever feel like your hair needs a little bit more oomph, this product will do everything you need it to do (besides the dishes). This hair treatment promises to break down build-up on your scalp while giving you shine. Bonus points for the elegant glass packaging which will blend into your bathroom seamlessly. Not only will this product make your hair shine immaculately it will eliminate frizz showing off your gorgeous locks. The ingredients in this product are as good as it gets, packed with high-quality vitamins and enzymes (such as fermented apple enzyme which cleanses the hair) it’s no wonder why everyone loves this product.

Seed & Sprout is Making Skincare Luxurious and Sustainable.

Seed & Sprout Gua Sha Tool (RRP: $69.00)

This skincare tool will add a whole new level to your skincare routine. This luxury Gua Sha will leave your face looking plump and your complexion glowing. It uses medical-grade stainless steel which makes your skin look gorgeous while also providing so many benefits such as de-puffing, cooling, anti-porous and more. Its weight and shape makes it feel expensive and easy to hold and the results provide radiant, fresh skin. Want to know more about Gua Sha? Read more here: How to Gua Sha

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