Book: How to eat healthy at the world’s best restaurants (and stay thin).

It might sound to good to be true, but eating healthily  at the world best restaurants is possible according to a new book by the former doctor of the Australian cricket team Peter Brukner.

The new book, A Fat Lot Of Good dispels many of the myths around food, and primarily focuses on eating fresh, clean food, little or no processed food and very low sugar.

This is most certainly the way to eat out and stay thin (and healthy), if that is your priority.

“There are a lot of reasons for confusion around food and what to eat. One is that the science around food is difficult to do and is generally of poor quality,” Melbourne based Brukner says.

“We were misled 40 years ago with the original dietary guidelines which were based not on scientific fact but rather on politics, money and the US Agriculture departments wishes.

“As a doctor, I felt I had the insights, time and exeprience to fully investigate the issue, and even I was surprised with what I discovered.”

A Fat Lot Of Good, by Peter Brukner

Brukner has put his discoveries into the book, and it is packed full of science-based evidence and research, so that everything from diabetes and insulin levels to inflammation and the gut is explored.

Brukner says his own health issues forced him to investigate initially, and he now eats fresh, real food, and almost nothing processed. “I lost 13 kilograms in 13 weeks when I gave up carbohydrates,”he says, “and with simple changes, I have more energy, better health and a far better sense of wellbeing.”

Brukner says eating out is still very possible, it’s just a matter of thinking before you order, and ensuring you don’t overdo the carbs or the sugars on desert – or alcohol.

Many of the world’s best restaurants are a good choice as they serve local produce, and it is almost always very fresh.

Brukner has established a campaign, Sugar By Half which aims to cut the sugar consumption of every Australian by half, in line with World Health Organisation guidelines.

All of the proceeds from the book will go directly to the campaign.

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