Groundbreaking Wellness At The Slate in Phuket

The Slate in Phuket, Thailand is creating groundbreaking wellness initiatives under the forward thinking General Manager, Claude Sauter.

The Slate in Phuket Thailand, is another incredible Bill Bensley designed hotel and is leading the way in the wellness arena in Thailand with its new Be Original Light Hearted Dining or BOLD initiative in terms of dining.

The Slate has groundbreaking wellness offerings.

Wellness is the new black in the luxury travel arena, and creating innovative ways for luxury travellers to embrace their need for inner health requires a lot of creativity.

But the ambitious and creative General Manager Claude Sauter has introduced a science and medical based Wellness Offerings for every guest who can have their body thoroughly checked upon arrival to ascertain how their health is tracking, then work out what they would like to do about it.

The Infinity Pool at The Slate, Phuket Thailand

Last year marijuana was de-criminalised in Thailand, and The Slate has jumped on the opportunity to offer a sophisticated and revolutionary cannabis dining experience.

The restaurant serves a creative 5 course degustation where dishes as well as drinks use various parts of the cannabis plant including the flowers, seeds and leaves to create a unique and powerful dining experience.

Bill Bensley’s signature style can be seen in this upscale suite at The Slate, Thailand.

Renae spoke to the hotel’s enigmatic General Manager, Claude Sauter who talks through the rise of wellness for the luxury traveller, and the unique position Thailand is in to create innovative and creative experiences for their guests.

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