Get Summer-Ready With These Body Sculpting Products

Sculpt your body for summer

We’re all looking for that one magic body sculpting solution, which will help us lose unwanted fat on the body, trim the waistline and reduce cellulite.

And with summer only a month away, it’s the perfect time to start body sculpting to get yourself bikini ready.

SkinCeuticals Body Tightening Concentrate RRP $98

This body tightening concentrate is formulated for gravity-fighting body zones such as the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and upper arms.

The cooling fluid targets sagging loose skin for proven long-lasting lifting, firming and resilience to problematic skin and is light-weight in texture, making it easy to wear in the warmer months.

This product does contain a derivative of aspirin so if you have an allergy to aspirin it should be avoided. Do moisturise a few hours before using this body contour fluid, as it’s not a replacement to your normal moisturiser.

Clarins Body Fit RRP $85

With more than sixty years of experience in body sculpting, Clarins is the contouring experts when it comes to reducing the appearance of cellulite with at-home treatment products.

Clarins Body Fit is an innovative body treatment which has been powered by Quince Leaf extract. Studies have shown this incredible extract helps reduce the look of cellulite and also works to refine overall texture to the skin, whilst reshaping back to a youthful look.

This botanically-based skin-firming formula reinvigorates slack skin, flooding it with nourishment to fight signs of aging. Its rich formula is very hydrating, so it can be used as a replacement for your normal night moisturiser.

DMK Body Sculpting Body Contouring Cream RRP $67

This Body Sculpting Cream helps smooth and firm loose, cellulite ridden skin and also improves the lymphatic drainage system.

This product smells like my Christmas. The warming and tingling sensation of the active Cinnamon ingredient in this product are beautiful, which is a great way of helping you know the product is working to reduce fat and cellulite.

Results are noticeable within at least two days of using this product at home. However, we recommend you use in an air-conditioned environment when using at home in summer, as you need to wrap up the parts of your body you have applied the cream to in cling wrap. Which can be a sweaty experience.

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