Embark on a Chef’s Table Style Culinary Adventure at Sydney’s Restaurant Ka

Ka Restaurant Is a harmonious blend of cantonese tradition and contemporary Australian flavours in the heart of Darlinghurst.

Sitting within the vibrant precinct of Burton Street, Darlinghurst, lies a culinary gem, Restaurant Ka, where tradition and innovation converge to create a unique 10 seater chef’s table style dining experience.

Helmed by the esteemed Chef Zac Ng, this intimate establishment, whose name translates to ‘home’ in Cantonese, invites diners to embark on a gastronomic journey that transcends boundaries and explores the limitless possibilities of flavour and technique.

With a rich history that spans over two decades in the hospitality industry, including a decade at Sydney’s legendary multi award winning Sepia and notable stints at XOPP and Flying Fish, Chef Ng brings to the table a wealth of experience and a palette that seamlessly blends his Cantonese heritage with contemporary Australian and Japanese influences.

Ng’s culinary philosophy, deeply rooted in the freedom and experimentation that home cooking allows, permeates through every dish served at Restaurant Ka.

The ambiance of Restaurant Ka is one of homely warmth, where black and white prints of Ng’s children subtly meld into the wallpaper ( as he explained to me when I couldn’t quite workout what the images were), creating an environment that is both welcoming and intimately personal.

The dining experience at Restaurant Ka is an intimate affair, reminiscent of a chef’s table, where a mere 10 diners per seating are welcomed to indulge in an eight-course set menu, inspired by omakase-style dining. This is a restaurant where diners talk to each other, sharing restaurant tips, favourite dishes and even – the night I was there – shoe obsessions.

Meanwhile Ng, with his passion for redefining culinary rules, ensures that each visit to his restaurant offers something new and exciting for the returning palate – and is quite the showman, albeit a subtle and considerate one. He gently explains each and every dish, where the ingredients are sourced from and how and why he has made the dishes he has. He is a chef obsessed with detail, creativity and flavour.

Ng’s mantra is quite simply unique experiences and ensuring repeat guests discover something new every time they sit at his table.

I hesitate to review every course, as they constantly change. But potential dishes that may grace the menu include seared bonito adorned with cucumber and ginger, Aylesbury-Peking duck paired with soy and cherries, buffalo-milk yoghurt complemented by heirloom tomato and salted shiso granita, and a crowd-pleaser: Port Lincoln calamari, meticulously cut into noodle-like strips, accompanied by a rich, fragrant burnt-shallot sauce.

An extraordinary and thoughtfully curated wine and sake pairing, featuring locally sourced options and specially selected sake, further elevates the dining experience, each beverage meticulously chosen by Ng himself. And pours are very generous.

Located at 13B Burton Street, Darlinghurst, Restaurant Ka is not merely a dining establishment; it is a second home to Chef Ng and a welcoming abode to all who cross its threshold.

Here, modern Australian cuisine is infused with subtle Cantonese and Japanese inspirations, offering a tasting menu that promises a delightful exploration of flavors, techniques, and culinary innovation.

In many ways this is International standard Australian Dining at its best.

For more on Ka Restaurant or to book, click here.

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    Paul Byrne
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    Awesome restaurant Renae I 1,000% agree. Safe travels Paul

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