Insider Travel Tips And New York City Highlights

Some highlights and insider travel tips in New York City.

New York City is my favourite city in the world. I am happy doing just about anything there.

Here are some things I loved doing on my last trip:

Eat a mini-Croissant with ham and cheese from Baltahazar, Soho : This glam French style restaurant is rumoured to have been the inspiration for  the upmarket French restaurant, Felix in Sydney’s CBD. The difference being the breakfasts at Baltahazar are sensational, and always packed. Look for the little bakery next door which serves their brilliant croissants, and baked goods as well as great coffee and real hot chocolates.

Que up for a Cronut: Don’t even think about this if you are on a diet, but queuing for something, anything makes it that bit more worthwhile, right? The cronut is an artistic creation of a traditional donut with any measure of flavours thrown in each week to tempt your taste buds. You have to que from around 5:30am, and theres a limited number, and once they’re gone, thats it. Be quick!

in NYC there are sites and meals for every taste and budget.

Cycle in Central Park: Cycling just about anywhere is one of the best things you can do in a new city, but in Central Park, it’s brilliant. You can use your credit card to hire a bike by the hour, and  click it back into the next cycle station when you see one, and they’re all over the park. The greenery, lakes, squirrels and birdlife is a welcome break from the concrete jungle outside.

Drink in Employees Only: Don’t be fooled by this hole in the wall bar which is frequented by celebrities, has great martinis, and an in-house fortune teller. Get there early, and take your passport – they’re strict on who comes in.

I am happiest wandering the streets of NYC with no agenda other than to see what I can see.

Shop in Macy’s: There are no shortage of amazing department stores and shops in NYC, but Macy’s is where your Aussie dollars go further. From CK to Ralph Lauren and more, it’s all here. And the store is not SO big you can’t find what you want. There’s something about Macy’s.

Brooklyn: Walking just about anywhere in New York City is entertaining and Brooklyn, one of NYC’s 5 boroughs is no exception. A walk across the famed Brooklyn Bridge brings you into Dumbo, a small upmarket area filled with eateries and shops to explore, as well as a park on the water, and that’s just the start of your Brooklyn adventure. You can spend days here.

The High Line: This mile-long former railway line is elevated, and surrounded by greenery as a welcome escape for tourists from the hustle and bustle. Im 1999, the plan to revive the rotting railway was inspired by Paris’ Promenade Plantee. Ten years later it became a reality, and today it is a must-see for the first time visitor.


The Staten Island Ferry Ride:  This is a 25 minute free ferry ride with spectacular skyline views of NYC as well as stunning views of The Statue Of Liberty. A must-do when you need to give your legs a rest, and ideal when cash is getting low at the end of your holiday.

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