Don’t miss the biggest beauty trend right now:

The biggest beauty trend sweeping the world is made-to-order bespoke beauty.

Bespoke Beauty is slowly taking the beauty world by storm. For years we have been going to restaurants and picking and choosing what we want, how we want it and what we do and don’t want with it.

Well that trend has now entered the beauty world.

Clarins started it with tanning drops to put into your daily moisturiser to tan the face as much or as little as you liked then Kiehls introduced made to order facial serum.

Bobbi Brown’s new serums are prescribed to the individual depending on the specific needs of their skin. We love it – and it’s a brilliant concept moving into colder weather.

Other winter warmers that are not bespoke but are still divine include Shu Uemura’s dry hair serum great for smoothing those dry split ends. L’Occitane’s shea comforting face oil which also works well on the décolletage which can seriously dry out at this time of year.

Nest have some beautiful new fragrances sold in Sephora, and Paradise is the perfect 3pm pick-me-up. And the biggest colour trend in make-up this season? Yellow, yes, yellow. For nails, eyes and even lips! Certainly brightens up a black outfit.

It’s a great time to explore some  new beauty products as the weather changes and your beauty routine needs new input.

• Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Supplement Serum $110

• Shu Uemura Art of Hair Hydro Nourishing dry hair serum $58

• Nest Paradise Fragrance $25

• Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleansing Oil $65

• L’Occitane Shea Comforting Face Oil $59


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