Do You Really Know What’s Ageing You?

Do You Really Know What's Ageing You?

7 things you may not realise you’re doing that are ageing you

We are constantly bombarded with which foods, makeup or treatments we need to stay young, but you might be surprised to learn what’s really ageing you; your skin, body, face and your mind.

So much energy goes into preventing ageing, but are you aware of your current habits and things you are doing that are ageing you?

1. Mindset

Your mindset is the most important part of maintaining a youthful energy and outlook on the world. Negativity can weight us down and can even contribute to the way our face looks as we age. If you think of some famous, old people, check out the lumps, bumps and liens on their face to see how happy they are. Conversely a happy older person beams light from within, and is someone you want to be around and makes you feel good.

2. Using Hot Hair Tools

Using Hot Hair Tools: Blow Drying Your Hair on the super hot setting or using hot straighteners or curling wands on high settings damages your hair. This can lead to hair breakage, fade your colour and thin your hair. Most women dye their hair more frequently with age, which is another reason not to use hot hair tools. Nothing says I’m ageing more than thinning hair.

3. Not Updating Your Wardrobe

This is not necessarily about fashion, but about your changing body shape. As we age, we can’t necessarily wear the same style of clothing we did when we were younger. Sometimes certain colours don’t look as good (such as bright pink cyan and others, like purple can age us prematurely). Find someone you trust or hire a stylist to talk through your wardrobe and give you some feedback on styles that suit you best. Remember you should always emphasise your best points, so if you have great legs, definitely still wear skirts, but dot they have to come down an inch? 

4. Over-Doing Injectables

How much is too much? Well it doesn’t take much cosmetic work to look unnatural, but looking natural is a big part of a youthful, fresh appearance. Less is definitely more here. Lip injections should be avoided, as should excess fillers or even botox. Subtly is key.  

5. Keeping Fit

This is a no-brainer, but you don’t have to run 10km on a daily basis. A subtle weights session, even at home, or daily walks will stimulate blood flow.

6. Spend Time with Young People

This can be easier if you have children close by, but mentoring, our even investing in young people’s ideas is a great way to give back to society, and to keep your mind switched on and open to new ideas. Manu universities and schools look for experienced people to mentor students or even speak at events. 

7. Reducing Your Food Intake

We all eat too much but over-eating can be ageing as it can contribute to weight gain, lethargy and…

8. Sugar is as bad as alcohol

When we think of foods that age us, most go straight to alcohol, but sugar is just as bad, and is worse for us as we get older 

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