Create Custom Colour Lip Shades with YSL Beauty in Paris

Now you can make your very own customised lip shade colours with YSL Beauty in Paris, and you can travel with it.

If you’re tired of looking for the perfect shade of lipstick to match your outfit, YSL Beauty have taken a creative step into beauty industry innovation.

L’Oréal has unveiled Perso, a new technology which allows you to create up to 4000 of your own custom shades of lipstick using the new Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Sur Mesure device.

Designed by Modiface and Perso. Modiface is the revolutionary company who created the virtual makeup, hair, and nail experience for consumers, which enables customers to virtually experience new looks and has since been successfully used by Sephora and Loreal. 

Taking lipstick to new heights, the new Rouge Sur Mesure device by YSL is an at-home device which makes it possible for users to create customised lip shades using the YSL signature Velvet Cream Matte Finish Lip Colour formula. And it’s portable.

How it works:

Colour cartridge sets of YSL’s signature shades of reds, nudes, oranges and fuchsias are inserted into the device, which is connected to the Rouge Sur Mesure app on any smart device. 


The latest lip technology powered by PERSO.


Select a cartridge trio to dress your lips with a creamy velvet formula in red, nude, pink, or orange.


Design over 1000 shades with exclusive YSL app features on any smart device.

The user can then create thousands of unique lip colours using one of three features in the app:

  1. Shade matching based on an image:
  2. An artificial intelligence powered shade advisor
  3. A shade wheel, with a real time virtual try on powered by ModiFace


Dive into the universe of 4 unique shade sets. Try on and design over 1000 shades.


Pick up any real-life colour through your camera to transform it into a personal, beposke lip shade.


Need help to complete a full look? No problem. Scan your outfit and get a recommended lip shade to match or clash with your look.

Each colour palette can generate up to 1,000 shades. There are 4 palettes available. With access to all 4, the device can generate up to 4,000 shades. 

The pre-set function from the colour wheel is one way to create unique shades, but what makes this device really stand out, is you can take photos of your favourite dress, shoes or handbag you plan to wear that day (or night), scan it through the app and colour match a lipstick to your outfit or accessories.

Once the perfect shade has been created, the device dispenses a single use portion of the lipstick shade into its lid, which also functions as a compact luxury lipstick case and makes it possible to touch up during the day.

There is also an application brush included.

L’Oreal (who owns YSL), is one of the largest cosmetics companies in the world, In 2019 alone they invested over $1.4 billion developing next generation tech for beauty.  

Devices like the wearable UV sensor; a sticker designed to detect the skins PH levels, a water-saving salon haircare system, a digital makeup line, and a customisable skincare printer designed to create personalised serums and foundation by Perso.

The Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Sur Mesure device is not yet available in any stories in Australia. However, it is available for purchase through the YSL US online store for RRP $299 USD.

A Trio Set of Colour Cartridges is RRP $89 USD and comes in 4 different colours shades as shown below.

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