Asia’s Best First Class Airline Lounges

There are a number of fabulous first class airline lounges in Asia, and these are some of the best.

This is mainstream commercial, luxury travel at its best.There are several excellent first class airline lounges in Asia known for their luxurious amenities and high-quality service.

Many airline lounges have spas, a la carte dining, private beds and bedrooms and more. Some look more like theatrical stages rather than airline lounges, as the airlines invested serious money into these luxury locations.

Cathay Pacific’s The Pier in Hong Kong set new standards in first class airline lounges in Asia.

Some of the best airline lounges in Asia include:

Renae in Hong Kong in Cathay Pacific’s Business Lounge January 2023.
  1. Singapore Airlines’ SilverKris Lounge at Changi Airport: Changi airport is continually rated as one of the world’s best, and the Singapore airlines flagship lounge there adds to the experience for well heeled flyers. It underwent a multi million dollar renovation in 2019, and welcomes anyone with top tier status on partnering airlines as well as first class passengers. This lounge is known for its elegant design, comfortable seating, and wide selection of dining options. It also features a flagship circular bar, productivity pods to work in, shower suites, a spa, and a business center. There is also a private room – yet another VIP lounge. But this one has stricter access codes and you MUST be flying first class to go in.
  2. Cathay Pacific’s The Pier First Class Lounge at Hong Kong International Airport: This lounge is located in Terminal 1 and is strikingly built with huge sweeping views over the tarmacs, wide open spaces, a modern feel and excellent attention to detail. The lounge itself offers a range of amenities, including private sleeping suites, a spa, and excellent a la carte dining as well as high end drinks. It also has a well-equipped business center and a serene outdoor garden area. Complimentary spa treatments add to the experience.
  3. Qatar Airways’ Al Safwa First Lounge at Hamad International Airport: This first class lounge is located in Doha and has a truly spectacular design inspired by the design of Doha’s Museum of Islamic Art with towering ceilings and vast structures and art. It has multiple smoking rooms, which are often a surprise to foreigners. It offers a range of luxurious amenities, including a spa, private sleeping rooms for up to six hours per person (first come first served basis), and a variety of dining options. Many say the dining option do let down the experience, as some food is pre-cooked. It also has a business center and a whirlpool spa. There is also a separate family area.
  4. Japan Airlines’ First Class Lounge at Narita International Airport: Located in Terminal 2, this lounge is known for its modern design and excellent food options. The sushi bar is a huge hit, with a menu served as a 3 piece set, as are the massage chairs. The negative is that there are not a lot of views. The lounge also has a spa, a shoe polishing station, private shower rooms, relaxation rooms and a vast range of seating options.
  5. Qantas has a first class lounge at Singapore’s Changi Airport that is known for its ultra exclusive luxurious amenities and high-quality service. Some of the features of this lounge include a streamlined calming design, private showers and spa treatments, a la carte dining options, including a chef’s table with a live cooking station, a well-equipped business center with private workstation, comfortable seating areas and a range of relaxation areas, including a quiet room and an outdoor terrace. Qantas’ first class lounge in Singapore is an excellent option for travelers who are looking for a luxurious and comfortable place to relax and unwind before their flight. Great for Australians flying long haul to Europe.

Overall, these are just a few of the many excellent first class airline lounges that can be found in Asia. Each offers a unique blend of amenities and services, and all are designed to provide travelers with a comfortable and relaxing experience.

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